If a man wants you, He will go after you ( It’s not that complicated)

My mentor tita Flor, a pastor's wife sent me this message awhile ago while I was reviewing for my preceptorials in Neuro tomorrow. So I smiled because I can relate. Let me share this to you as well. 😊 I think every woman was in a situation where she loves someone, but she does not... Continue Reading →


Doctor Someday

Guide me Lord, help me to be humble and wise. I ask for your protection as I embark on this journey. It's second semester already. I hope to graduate on 2022. So help me God. 🙏🌷

Exorcising feelings

Isnt it amusing that there are some people that couldnt just move on that fast from an unrequited love? Why couldnt they just move on? It took one, two, three, four, five years and yet they still feel the same for that lost love? Considering the mere fact that they have not really been in... Continue Reading →

Galatians 1:10

It's funny how sometimes we are so preoccupied of what people think of us, that's why it is a dangerous trap to fear people because this will lead to pleasing them of doing what they want rather than doing what Our Heavenly Father wants. Do not be disheartened not to please people around you, because... Continue Reading →

Catriona Gray is Miss Universe 2018!

REPOST: It took Pia Wurtzbach three tries before she finally got the Binibini crown, and eventually the Miss Universe crown. Catriona didn’t bag the Miss World title back in 2016, because now we know that God meant for her to be the queen of the universe for 2018. What these women both teach us is grit.... Continue Reading →

5 reasons losing your almost relationship stings so much

According to this post, here are the five (5) reasons why losing your almost relationship stings so much:

1. You don’t get the same kind of closure.
2. “It’s not like you guys were ever together.”
3. They are never an ex.
4. Regret sticks around a whole lot longer than failure.
5. You compare yourself to their future significant others.

I posted this last 2015 and here it is for contemplation. We cannot always have our own way. Right? You might feel like the both of you are meant for each other but then the universe conspires that the both of you cannot be together, because you are both heading towards different goals unto the future.

As the years pass by, you will come to realize that God is still good, despite everything that has happened. He might have let you experience that anguish, but He won’t let you be succumbed by the darkness. He will pierce even the darkest night, so that light can pass through.

You’ll learn one day that every single pain that you felt will have a use in the future, whatever the reason behind that sorrow is. It’s for you to be a much stronger individual.

God allows pain and sorrow to happen for our own good. He would allow even our strongest bone to break just for us to know that we can not lean on anyone and anybody else more than Him. Neither our careers, our loved ones, nor our treasures here on earth can be more than God.

God is all knowing, omniscient and ever faithful. Believe.

417811_10151453945858877_611605814_n (1)Source Link: 5 reasons losing your almost relationship stings so much

By: Ari Eastman

1. You don’t get the same kind of closure.

The end of any relationship isn’t easy. It’s a weird thing — that someone can be part of your life…and then they just…aren’t. But when you’ve had an established relationship with a very concrete beginning, you get to close out that chapter feeling a bit more complete. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt or take time to heal from, but at least you have a definitive end to mourn. Almost relationships aren’t like that. They just float away, still coated in layers of what-ifs — a very damaging and upsetting thought process.

2. “It’s not like you guys were ever together.”

One of the times I’ve been most heartbroken was with this off-again-on-again friendship/non “relationship” that I couldn’t ever truly categorize. It’s a hard thing to try…

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Calm my anxious heart

What to do? I have been so distracted for the past 24 hours. The truth of the matter is, I have not really studied for my exams on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. My exams are Neuroscience, Histology Lecture, Histology Lab, Anatomy Lecture and Laboratory, Family and Community Medicine and Biochemistry. I am piqued... Continue Reading →

Don’t leave

Don't leave the competition when it hasn't even started yet. Give yourself a chance. ☺ Photo content derived from Dale Carnegie's How to win friends and influence people. 📰📚📝⚕🙏🌻

Support for anti-obesity campaign

Here's a photo of my eat girls. It was a rainy day today. Imee, Clarice and Kerstine and I took a photo in support for the anti obesity campaign of section 1-B, after Histology Lab exam awhile ago. The exam that we had this afternoon was about Muscles, Nervous, and Integumentary system. (Notes: subtype of... Continue Reading →

Is it true?

Is it true, that guys have a soft heart for girls waiting for them? I learned this from the Doctors Koreanovela series that I watched.

Dear Doctor P.

Hi! How are you? I bet you're enjoying the fall season in New York. How's residency? Do you miss the Philippines?  Well,  I guess I need to write this letter in address to you. You might have forgotten me already, but I just want you to know, that I was hurt when you blocked me... Continue Reading →

Clinical Relevance

Clinical Relevance: Upper motor neuron lesions are also known as supranuclear lesions. Damage to the Corticospinal Tracts The pyramidal tracts are susceptible to damage, because they extend almost the whole length of the central nervous system. As mentioned previously, they particularly vulnerable as they pass through the internal capsule – a common site of cerebrovascular... Continue Reading →

Cast all your cares on Him

I don't want to see my grade after my exams with a failing grade anymore. I want to go out of the computer laboratory with a smile on my face, because I passed. But it's so difficult. I ask humbly... let me pass, Lord. If I had just studied more. If I had just given... Continue Reading →

Productive weekend.. Not

I ended my exams in psychiatry at 10 am last saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. Then, I watched Fantastic Beasts 2: Crimes of Grindelwald at SM San Lazaro. After that, I went straight home and watched again Netflix's movies: The Princess Switch and To all the boys I've loved before. Then, I read my Cranial nerves... Continue Reading →

Law library

I studied awhile ago with Clarice, Alica and Imee at the library of the college of law. I'm glad that I have finished reading my transes for Histology, but I need to review more. Here's a quote from the law library: "Success does not happen by chance but a reward to a careful planning, determination,... Continue Reading →


I am now at SM Batangas, waiting for sundo papunta ng Calapan mamaya. I am not feeling well. I drank bioflu to help ease what I feel, but somehow it's not relieved. What will I do? I wanna go home and sleep. Konting tiis pa, Jaea. Kaya mo yan!

Facial muscles of expression in action

Module 2 exams is finally down. I did not perform well. I need to double time next module. I hope that I can make this. These are my feels for this module. Here's a photo of mine with Kerstine Bumanglag taken by Clarice Anjella Bigornia. The facial muscles being used as lead by Imee Batugal... Continue Reading →


Some of us have made wrong choices in our lives, but our past words and deeds need not define our future in God's eyes. There is always a fresh start. When we ask for his forgiveness, we take a first step towards restoring our relationship with Him and with others. "If we confess our sins,... Continue Reading →

Cramming and praying

Lately, I have not been myself.. I am still not studying for my Anatomy exam, now. Lord, give me strength as I study the powerpoints. I have only two days left til Friday. I want this. Lord, help me be motivated in everything I do, because the other day, I taught of stopping medschool and... Continue Reading →

Medweek 2018: San Beda Med Swimming

The competition started nine in the morning of September 30, 2018, at San Beda University Pool, with swimmers represented for each year level: first year section A, first year section B, 2nd year and 3rd year. There were four events for 25 meters swim in each men and women category: namely Butterfly, Breaststroke, Backstroke and... Continue Reading →

Reflection on 1st Year Module 1 Exams

Thank you God, finally my first module exams for the academic year 2018-2019 is finally done! I can already relax. Just kidding. For my entire seven subjects, the only subjects that I passed for my module exam in the lecture part is Anatomy, Family and Community Medicine, and Physiology. However, I did not reach the... Continue Reading →

Inspiration to Pursue Medicine

I am a first year medical student this year 2018. Prior to studying this year, I was a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Philippine General Hospital. I was reviewing for IELTS already so that I can work abroad. But I decided to go back to Medicine and Med school. I was a medical student... Continue Reading →

Medschool: Sleep and medication

It's been three weeks now since I entered medical school again. I am feeling tired yet I know that I am learning. I am struggling of sleep every night. My classmate told me that he observed that I always get asleep in class. He added, whether I have a problem or am I just feeling... Continue Reading →


I wish you can also witness my failures and how I will rise above those failures.

Kasi Hindi Ako Ganun Kaganda

“Ang presyo ng isang painting ay nakadepende sa kung sino ang gumawa nito. Kung mahusay ang gumawa, mataas ang presyo. Kung painting ka, alam mo ba kung gaano ka kamahal? Buhay lang naman ang ibinayad para sa iyo ni Jesus dahil sa sobrang taas ng value mo. “-Rigel

I am so blessed after reading this post. It made me realize that I am beautiful too. Just like how beautifully you were created. Jesus Christ loves all of us. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Although, sometimes, I feel insecure.. actually hindi lang some times, most of the time.. feeling ko marami pang kulang sakin at hindi ako ganun kaganda kasi, hindi ako nagugustuhan ng mga guys na nagugustuhan ko. Ano kaya ang problema? Ako ba? Haha. So, ayun, hindi ko sure. Pero masaya pa rin ako kahit ganun. Marami akong realizations sa buhay. Hindi ko makocontrol kung sino yung mga gusto ako bilang kaibigan at kung sino yung mga may hinanakit sakin. Kasi, hindi naman ako si God. I am just an ordinary person. I am striving real hard but my feet are in the ground. Alam ko na malalampasan ko lahat ng pagsubok as I grow into a more mature woman, with the help of God, who gives wisdom and knowledge. Thank you Lord.

A Blog To Remember

Madalas tayong mga babae, hindi natin maiwasang magkumpara ang sarili natin sa iba. Bakit ba iniisip nating masmaganda ang unat kesa sa kulot? Pero nagpakulot na naman ang mga straight? Bakit gusto pang pumayat pa more eh payat na nga. Kahit na magapply ka pa ng smokey na eyeshadows, hindi mo kailanman maitatago sa mata ang mga sagot ng mga bakit. At ang karaniwang sagot, “Kasi hindi ako ganon kaganda”.

Mayroong isang kabataan, “Ate naiingit ako sa kaniya. Halos lahat ng crush niya, nililigawan siya. Bakit ako? Ni isa, wala? Bakit hindi ba ako ganoon kaganda?”

Minsan kahit sa loob ng pamilya. “Mas pinapaburan siya Ate kasi masmaganda siya. Lagi siyang dinadala sa opisina ni Papa. Ako hanggang gate lang. Kasi maganda siya. Siya, laging may pasalubong. Bakit ate? Kasi hindi ako ganun kaganda? ”

“Binigay ko sa kaniya lahat. Pati katawan ko. Hindi kasi siya kuntento sa puso ko…

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My tears fell for a stranger

Cue song: Michael Learns To Rock Greatest Hits I am not sure of my feelings and I do not know why my tears fell while listening to "The Fray". But the song playing right now is Michael learns to rock's You took my heart away. My tears fell while ago.. and my heart is in... Continue Reading →

IELTS Review

I enrolled for IELTS review for Academic module last May 3, 2018. The program that I enrolled in is intensive good for 2 weeks or 10 days lecture plus coaching, which started last May 7, 2018 from 6-9 PM, from Monday to Friday until May 18, 2018. The IELTS or the International English Language Testing... Continue Reading →

Inspired to study masters overseas

Okay.. Here's the thing with him, he doesn't do anything but even the slightest change about him I have been noticing. I don't really know what he feels, since I might just be a nuisance to him, because he's taking up residency. (Is residency really that hard?) He made me question myself, whether I should... Continue Reading →

Conversation gone wrong

Love should not feel like a competition. Suddenly, sobrang saya mo, kasi nakikita mo yung crush mo sa facebook.. tapos, biglang wala na lang bigla.. What a turn of events.Parang ang mean lang. Haha!You deserve better, Jaea! Paulit ulit? 🙂 Remember, hindi nagtatapos sa Epi ang lahat. Kahit na 5 ang grade mo dun.. May... Continue Reading →


I left home today after I had lunch with my sibling. Then, I rode the tricycle from Xevera, Neo Calapan. The fare was P10 from the house up to Roxas road. Then, another 10 pesos up to any place of destination inside the city proper for a total of 20 pesos. I went to BPI... Continue Reading →

I’m tired playing this mind games

I'm tired playing this mind games, Doing this and that, for what purpose, I know not; Who are you? Tell me the real you, No pretensions, no sugarcoating. Tell me who you are, Are you ready to be vulnerable? In the midst of the people surrounding you, they're quite numerous to count.. But who are... Continue Reading →

Wonder by Stephen Chbosky (2017)

When I was on my trip back to Manila, from Calapan a few weeks ago. I rode the Supercat by 'To Go Travel'. The movie that was played on that day was "Wonder" directed by Stephen Chbosky, based from the book of the same name by RJ Palacio. This story is about a ten-year-old boy, named... Continue Reading →

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