Verse 1:
Your love O Lord is like the oceans
Deeper than endless seas
Your faithfulness is like the mountains
And Your Word never fails

Glory to God
Let every heart sing
Glory to God
In the highest

Verse 1
Chorus (2x)

Verse 2
Let us adore
Wonderful Saviour
Crown Him
Forever our King (2x)

Chorus (3x)

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“Credentials can never a…

“Credentials can never accomplish what character can.”- John Maxwell

Character comes from who we are.

But some people would like to be judged not by who they are, but by the titles they have earned or the position they hold, regardless of the nature of their character.

Their desire is to influence others by the weight of their credentials rather than the strength of their character.



  • Are transient
  • Turn the focus to rights
  • add value to only one person
  • look to past accomplishments
  • often evoke jealousy in others
  • can only get you in the door


  • is permanent
  • keeps the focus on responsibilities
  • adds value to many people
  • builds a legacy for the future
  • generates respect and integrity
  • keeps you there


No number of titles, degrees, offices, designations, awards, licenses, or other credentials can substitute basic honest integrity when it comes to influencing others.

Eagle’s wings

Here I am waiting
Abide in me I pray
Here I am longing for You
Hide me in Your love
Bring me to my knees
May I know Jesus more and more

Come live in me
All my life take over
Come breathe in me
And I will rise
On eagles wings

“Above all else, guard y…

“Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life” Prov. 4:23

‘We’ve been told over and over to follow our hearts, yet we must be careful. God gave us a heart and mind. We must balance the two. The heart can be a spoiled brat, wanting what it wants and wanting it right now. Caught up in the moment, the heart does not consider the consequences.

The heart chooses, but the head must qualify the choice. You can feel right about the wrong thing.

Listen to your heart, but use your head to sift it’s information. Your heart does not own you; neither should it control you. Instead, you must learn to MASTER YOUR HEART. ‘ – M. Hammond