5 Ways to Fight Yourself: How to Get Over A Crush

It’s not always easy to fight against your own brain and force yourself to think differently than you have been for a while. But the good news is that it’s totally possible.

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It’s better to have loved and lost…especially when you were the only one loving.

People want to get over a crush for different reasons: the crush has got someone else, they’re not nice to you, they’re not a good person, they don’t like you that way or at all…

This morning, a friend of mine just came to the conclusion that a guy she’s been crushing does not like her back. At this point, we’re both starting the morning on a bit of a downer. So now’s the time to initiate Plan G: Get Over Him and Move On.

It’s one of those things in the “easier said than done” category. So I’ve come up with some ideas as to how to move from unrequited love to “I’m sorry. What’s your name, love?”

I’ve heard some ways to get over a crush from other people, and I think they’re all…

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