Blocked (My Savior 2)

Wow! It’s been three years since I posted this “Mr. Stickman and My Savior”! Hahaha. I’ve realized that I really need to look back on how good and how great God is. How loving He is.

Looking back at my post before, made me laugh again.  You’ll get over it Jaea! I can see progress! Haha. Though, it’s not Mr. Stickman anymore but Maestro Geekoo. Ha ha ha. LORD, I just pray for him that you’ll continually shower him with your blessings and protection but I will never ever run after him again. I will never run after a man again. So, Jaea! Get a grip girl! Just keep going! You’re on the way! You are worth it! Stay strong! You are pretty and wonderfully made by the Craftsman!

LORD, I just want to say thank you for letting him block me. It made me focus on other things. And it helped me a lot! Haha. I was redirected to You.  Thank you! Lord, I won’t ever ever again chase after a man. That was my stupidest act ever. Stupidest! What a shame! Hahaha. Help me forgive myself. But You, you chastened me severely. It was a feverish chase. Very thrilling, but thank you! I know you know, that I still have a lot of things to improve. I’ve been lamed for a year since I ran away. Thank You also for letting me realize a lot of things. I really really want to push me, to get a better version of myself. Help me, Okay? haha. It’s too much to ask, but I’d like to have you rain on me, your grace. I know, It’s hard to really set a high standard because I’m too low, I hope I can make it. To be pure before You, is really difficult, I’m so dirty like a doormat and a rag. And it’s a really shameful experience for me, since I’m a recipient already of your grace before. Too bad, I went to eat after my vomit again. It tastes bad. How many times, would I be given this test before I learn to pass? But I know, You’re the Sovereign One who can only help me in this area of my life. Though I failed in this area, restore me and mold me, unto Your likeness. Thank You God!

LORD, I pray I won’t be able to have a part 3 and 4 and so on of this post anymore. It might be the death of me. Hahaha. I’ve just woken up from a long sleep. Thank You also for waking me up. I welcome new challenges and new learnings in my life. And since I know that You’re with me all along, I know I can face it all. Yes I can!

Ma Jaenara

Why was I always thinking about this stick man? He is not even macho. . And he is ‘payatot’, a stick man. And He had a lot of girls before, although I haven’t confirmed that from him. But I became one of his girls BEFORE…

BUT NOW, not anymore! So, I Praise God! Thank you Father because I’m not already his but Yours. I am owned by my Lord in Heaven. I should fix my thoughts on the FACT that I was ransomed by Jesus and I am owned by God. And I love You Father because You found me, when I was in my deepest sorrow of looking for love. You filled me with so much love. And that’s incomparable to what that guy can give me. He’s nothing compared to You Lord! That guy is a stick man,  ha ha,  But my Lord is  Stronger, Greater…

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