Module 1 is finally over!

I am astonished that I’ve already accomplished my 1st module exams in med school.

Honestly, I’ve had a hard time with the exams. My results are not so high, some passed, some failed. This is the 1st time I failed exams.

Mark it off, my lowest score so far is in Biochem. Then, Neuroscience and Physiology.

I definitely reviewed before the exam proper. Especially for Neuro. But I wasn’t able to reach the quota. **I’m gonna do better this time!!!!!!!! I need to!!!

Then the others: Research, Anatomy Lec, Theology, and Histology are in the borderline of passing. The only subjects that I think that I’ve had high scores are in Anatomy Lab where I got 98 and in Psychiatry: 80.

This is a wake up call for me. I absolutely have woken up!
I need not to be complacent about certain things in med school. I need to give my 110% everyday. Be mentally present when I’m inside the classroom, and not let my mind wander about so many things that are beyond my control.

Important lessons learned last module 1:
* PREPARE: Plan ahead of time ( weekly plan, daily plan)
*Take notes
* Read the lessons before coming to class
* Allot more time for difficult subjects. I’m gonna be an expert with my waterloos. **laughs (Biochem, Neuro, Physio! Brace yourselves!)
* Record the audio of the lectures
* Bring a small notebook in the lab
* Avoid distractions
* When doing something, be all there.
* Focus! One subject at a time.
* Keep calm and smile.
* Move on fast. Whenever you fail a subject, let go and let God. And study for the next coming subjects.
Surprisingly, this is one of the skills that a med student needs to learn. #medskills #moving on
* Stay POSITIVE. Think positive!
* PRAY. One of the most important things that I’ve taken for granted.

I believe I’ll be able to do better this coming modules. Hoping and praying.

I hope to have my last failed exams this module 1. I surrender! I need to double time. But still stay calm.

So long, I’m gonna start reviewing my lessons in biochem.. bye for now.

#I’mAFutureBedanDoctor #MD2018 #Aspiring neurologist