God is faithful

I just want to document this.

Even though, He seems distant to me, He still answers my prayers.

When, I saw an unexpected person last weekend and when I was tagged at a post. He gives chances. He does.

I was given the chance to say something, I was given the chance to talk and smile when I had a face to face moment with someone last weekend. But I didn’t do anything. Maybe just maybe, it’s not yet the right time to talk.

Time and chance happen to us all.

LORD, thank you! And sorry. When will I ever be ready?

I need courage to face it all. Help me forgive even though, I never received a sorry. I just want this heavy heart of mine to be light. But most of all, give me faith. Because, I’m really losing it. I’m on the edge of a cliff.

Thank You LORD for your faithfulness.