Best Thing I Never Had

Best Thing I Never Had
I just learned this song today. Some of the lyrics above does not apply to me. Actually, wala naman nangyari samin. Physically and literally. It was just a conversation in fb. He doesn’t love me the same way. I was delusional of expecting, that there is something between the both of us. But there’s none. Actually, there was never an us. Now this is reality check. (heartbreaking. yes) But this is what I feel right now. It’s time now to improve myself. And I’ll make that decision right now. I will not let it get the best out of me. I’ve been having too many failures in the past. I turned worst because of me. No one else to blame but myself. I have been underestimated. Yes, I’ve been depressed for almost a year and even in my 1st sem life in med school. My grades were flunking. I wasted so many time because of sulking.. And it’s time now to stop thinking of the what ifs and what could have been. I pray for peace of mind. HUG! I forgive you Jaea. Keep moving on. It’s difficult but I know, we can do this! 🙂