What cannot be said, will be wept

What cannot be said will be wept. – sappho

Hi. For so long you’ve been quiet. I don’t know what goes in your mind right now, but honestly, you sometimes slip in my mind and I don’t know what to do. Because as what you’ve said, distance is healthier for the both of us.

But please do remember, I’m never forcing myself to you. if you want distance, then I’ll gladly give it to you.

But I cannot lie that I’ve not been missing you. The truth is I do.

What kind of fate, this life has brought to us. It ended with no warning, and I felt like my world had been flipped upside down, but I learned from someone, that when this happens, something greater is at work. I don’t know the reason, but He knows.

It’s farewell for now, until we meet again.