I left home today after I had lunch with my sibling. Then, I rode the tricycle from Xevera, Neo Calapan. The fare was P10 from the house up to Roxas road. Then, another 10 pesos up to any place of destination inside the city proper for a total of 20 pesos. I went to BPI bank today to check my account balance in my ATM card. I withdrawn money of about 1000 pesos.

Then, I went to my mother’s office with my brown shoulder bag, a maroon umbrella while holding a MSA NMAT practice test for Chemistry. I am wearing a blue dress with wine red heels, a wristwatch on my left hand, a pony tail on my right hand and my hair was in a bun with a clamp.

After I greeted my mother, I told her that I would review for NMAT again, because I haven’t really reached the score that I need to be qualified to a certain medical school in Manila. And since I don’t have any pencil with me, I went to a mall, beside my mother’s clinic to buy a pencil.

I went inside the mall. The escalator was not working. It was stagnant and in place. I went upstairs traversing the escalator up to the 2nd floor. Then, I went to shop items at the department where I stood. I took a walk and placed the following inside my cart: Cattleya filler no. 02, A4 plastic envelope, mechanical pencil with 12 leads, ID card holder, rubber stamp for assignment, excellent, fair and practice writing; standard push pin box with 50 pins, 5 card rings, a dust free eraser, drawstring pouch, a printer envelope short and a stick-ee tissue tape.

While I was walking around, I decided to go inside the Zaza store. It has a cashier inside and they have beauty and wellness products. I added these items inside the cart: colgate plax fresh tea 60ml, baby bench bubblegum 50ml, manicure set, color scrub, cleene absorbent cotton, Nivea sun protect lotion SPF 50 75ml, Giggles baby wipes, and a Carrie pure acetone 60ml, plus an Oreo original mini of 23g.

A few minutes after I had all the items in my cart, It’s already time for me to pay for the things I got. I decided to pay via debit from my BPI Expressteller card. But, the cashier inside Zaza does not have the machine for the ATM card. And so, I handed out my ATM card from my wallet to the cashier who was wearing a red dress.

What she did was she called the attention of the lady from another cashier having the same colored red dress too, because they have the swiping machine for the ATM. This two cashiers are located of about 20 foot steps away from each other.

I was standing inside the Zaza store cashier (A) waiting for the mini machine to be transfered from Cashier (B). I asked the lady in red, “Shall I go to Cashier (B) to press my pincode? Or shall I wait here?”. The cashier (A) replied, “Yes, you may opt to go to cashier (B) instead.”

And so, I went to Cashier (B), while my items shopped were at Zaza. Not long before I reached cashier (B), I saw it’s lady cashier responsible for the ATM machine, running towards Zaza store. I was startled. She came back walking to where I was standing. She told me that I already placed my pin code in the machine, where in fact I did not remember placing my pin code in the swiping machine!

To cut the long story short, I did not see her swipe my ATM card and we had an argument together with her supervisor that I already placed my pin code on the swiping machine, and that my items are already paid. Where in fact I did not type my pin code. Seriously. The supervisor wearing a yellow polo shirt had goosebumps. How can I be in two places at the same time? How can I type my pin code, if I haven’t even touched the machine. The lady cashier told me, that she was affirmatively sure that I was the one who typed the pin code.

So what happened was, I was in fury. I reprimanded the cashier, and that next time, she should swipe the card immediately after the customer handed his/her ATM card from the wallet, without delay to avoid this kind of arguments.

Furthermore, there was an observant buyer who saw the angry me while talking to the cashier. She sided with the cashier not knowing the whole story and my side. And so, she got in trouble by stating her opinion.. I told this observant to quit minding other people’s business and just focus on her own. I ended up leaving the cashier with my PRC license ID, so as to check if my remaining balance in the ATM card was really deducted. I walked via J.P.Rizal street from Citimart to BPI bank.

And true enough, my remaining balance had a deduction of 1,128.70 pesos. But, who placed my pin code in the swiping machine?! Was it really me? Am I that forgetful? Does my mind plays tricks on me too?

The moral of the story: If you will review and study, make sure you have a pencil with you before leaving your house.