Support for anti-obesity campaign

It was a rainy day today. Imee, Clarice and Kerstine and I took a photo in support for the anti obesity campaign of section 1-B, after Histology Lab exam awhile ago. The exam that we had this afternoon was about Muscles, Nervous, and Integumentary system. (Notes: subtype of tissue, vesicles, type of epithelium, morphology, etc.) Thank you God.

This morning by the way, we had a short skit about immunoglobulins in Biochemistry. Guess what? Our group (3) won the best presentation among 11 groups in the class. Yay! Thank you God for the blessings. I’ll post the video on my next post. #happyday

Also, we had “The Pulse” meeting at Coffee Bean, near San Beda. I was with my classmates: Clarice, Michelle, Reba and Maleeha, from section A. We were given free coffee/tea care of “The Pulse”. We were with our Editors and Co-writers of the San Beda Medicine official publication. Our Editor in Chief is Miss DJ. She discussed our cover image for the newspaper and other agenda regarding the newspaper. The publication is to be released hopefully this December 7, 2018.

The photos were taken by Clarice Anjella Bigornia. 🙂 Thank you!