If a man wants you, He will go after you ( It’s not that complicated)

I remembered posting this while I was reviewing for my preceptorials in Neuro from many years ago. Tita Flor, a pastor’s wife sent me this message. So I smiled because I can relate. Let me share this to you as well. 😊

I think every woman was in a situation where she loves someone, but she does not know if he loves her as much as he says. So she decides to step back and see if he will pursue it.

The fact is, if someone really wants to be with you, you’ll know. He would make sure you know his intentions and his interest for you. He will try to let you know how much he cares about you and wants you in his life.

On the contrary, a man who is not in you will only take you away and make you doubt yourself and your relationship. Of course, he can be charming and tell you that you love him, but if he is not ready to put things between you, he is not someone who wants to be with you and you should not waste your time with him.

If a man does his best to make a good impression, keep you informed of appointments and treat you as you deserve, then he is a man who really loves you and who wants you in his life.

We are all guilty of prosecuting people who are wrong for us, and this cycle must be stopped once and for all.

Do not waste time with someone who does not know if you are the right woman for him. Do not waste time and effort with someone who is not ready to do the same for you. Relationships are not that complicated, we do it like that.

So, learn to say no to a man, you are not for the wonderful woman you are.

You can learn a lot about the person you are dealing with from the beginning of the relationship. If he is not trying to communicate with you and not to connect more deeply, it’s time to throw him on the side of the road.

Because you deserve a man who knows what he has, if he has you. A man who accepts you and thinks you are the most incredible woman he has ever had. A man who proudly shows you in public and wants everyone to know that you are his wife. A man who loves you and shows you his love in different ways.

You deserve someone who will fight with you when life becomes difficult and not someone with whom you feel good, just to get down to the next moment.

You are a courageous, strong and capable woman. Do not let anyone relieve your trust. Do not let anyone make you feel less than him.

When you start meeting someone, always try to be open-minded and always pay attention to the way you go out with them. Do you follow or not? After all, every flock should not become a relationship, but you can be sure of your position.

After all, you know your value and never settle for less than you deserve! 💜💜💜

I guess I need to start being open minded to meeting new people particularly men again. 💮 But priorities, studies first for yourself, for your family, and most importantly for God. You are loved more than you know.

I'll tell you a secret, men who actively pursue me turns me off. Although, I would love to have guy friends too. So, that's my prayer. I hope to be surrounded by men, who are polite, and speaks out their convictions with out fear but still being respectful especially to girls.