Nica, I feel the same way. Thank you for this post. God bless you. Indeed God consoles us in our desert moments. I actually questioned myself too.. Why I can’t get along with certain groups of people. You are beautiful and a nice person and friendly at the same time. I hope to know you more and be your friend. I’m glad you have a blog too in WordPress. 🙂

This is something I made 3 years ago…IMG_6279
Every one needs comfort, especially in the era that we live in.
No one is exempted from all the challenges, difficulties, disappointments, trials, tragedy, worries and rejections in life-no one.

I myself, experienced such challenges and difficulties
I have tried to deal with them, but I ended up breaking down, crying and hurting of all untoward incidents in life.

I believe that I have set a high moral standards which leads me to many disappointments, rejection and loneliness.

Most of the time, people misjudged me and treated me unkind.
I reflected and meditated several questions to myself, ” what have I done that people treated me this way? Why cant I get along with some group of people? Why cant they accept me as I am?” These questions hunted and troubled me for years- I want to find out the answers, as…

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