#TheSW30 Day 21: How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?

If I were to pitch a reality show about myself, I would like my proposed content to be on:

“Surviving a heartbreak in 30 days” ideally, which is quite difficult to do, but it’s a challenge that’s why I chose 30 days; or something about “how to move on from love obsession” or probably something about improving one self and on how to do a self make over, how to regain self esteem and self confidence and on how to be beautiful and smart, “from doormat to dream girl challenge” hehe. I wish I am a dream girl to someone somewhere.

Or something about “how to survive underdog days of nursing” from a nurse who always got reprimanded and who always makes an incident report. hehehe.

I would like it to be aired at ABS-CBN’s Maalaala mo kaya or GMA channel 7’s Kapuso mo Jessica Soho. 😂😂😂😜

Is My Dreams My Dream!

I got this from Pastor Niki Miranda, our Pastor at New Beginning Community Church back in 2011-2013 when I was still part of the music ministry many years ago at Mandaluyong.

“Is My Dreams My Dream!”

How Do You Know You Are Pursuing Your Dream That Is Not Really Your Dream.

1.      If someone owns your dreams you will not have the right fit!  When someone owns your dream you will not have the right fit.  Ex. David given an armor by King Saul

When you own your dream it will feel right with you!

2.    When you do not own your dream it is a weighed on your shoulders!  If you own your dream it will provide wings to your shoulders.

3.    When someone owns your dream it will drain your energy.  When you own your dream it will fire you up.

4.    When someone owns your dream it will put you to sleep. When you own your dream it will keep you up at night.

5.    When someone owns your dream it will take you out of your strength zone.  When you own your dream it will take you out of your comfort zone.

6.    When someone owns your dream it will be fulfilling to others. When you own your dream it will be fulfilling to you.

7.     And when someone else owns your dream it would require others to make you do it. But if you own your dream you will feel you made to do it.

Ownership is the first step for fulfilling your dream. It’s like a key that opens a dream everything else.  When you own it you become empowered to rise above the excuses offered by people by not pursuing a dream.  

Excuses people make for not pursuing their dream.

1.     Dreams don’t come true for ordinary people.  Many believe that dreams are for special people.  And everybody else must settle for less.  But I believe everyone can have a dream and pursue it.   In fact the pursuit of a dream makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people. Ordinary people can live extraordinary lives when they follow their dreams.  Why do I say that?  Because a dream becomes a catalyst to make important changes in their lives. You don’t change who you are in order to live out your dream, you pursue your dream and the process changes who you are and what you can accomplish. A dream is both a target and a catalyst. 

2.    If a dream is not that Big it is not worth pursuing.  A dream must never be evaluated according to its size. That’s not what determines its worth. A dream does not have to be big it just has to be yours!  In one office, a man said to his colleagues, “All I want to be is to be a great dad!”  None of his colleagues criticize him for his dream.  When he shared his dream to them it brought everyone into tears.  It wasn’t such a big dream as some would imagine a dream, it was a powerful one.  “Bigger is not always better, size does not determine significance” John Maxwell. 

3.    Now is not the time to pursue my dream. The most common reason for not pursuing one’s dream is timing. Others say it is too soon while others fear it’s too late. The timing will never always be perfect for you to pursue your dream so you might as well start now if not next year you will be a year older and not a step closer to it.  

If you are willing to take that step of pursuing and owning your dream, you might want to do the following process:

1.     Be Willing To “Bet” On Yourself.  You may succeed when no one believes in you.  But you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.  In fact if you can’t believe in yourself you will have difficult time believing much on anything else.  You will only drift without anything compelling you to move forward.   However, people who take ownership of their dreams believe in themselves.  When they believe in themselves they are willing to bet on themselves.

In the movie Akeelah and the Bee, is a story of Akeelah Anderson (Keke Palmer) who attends Crenshaw Middle School, a predominantly black school in South Los Angeles. Akeelah is a bright 11-year-old and never makes errors on her spelling tests and doesn’t really seem to fit in. She lives with her widowed mother, 

In one scene, Dr. Larabee (Lawrence Fishburne) asked Akeelah what her dream in life was…watch the video…

Akeelah: [quoting Marianne Williamson] Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

Dr. Larabee: Does that mean anything to you?

Akeelah: I don’t know.

Dr. Larabee: It’s written in plain English. What does it mean?

Akeelah: That I’m not supposed to be afraid?

Dr. Larabee: Afraid of what?

Akeelah: Afraid of… me?

You will never believe in your dream unless you believe on yourself.  If you want to succeed you must believe in yourself that you can. You must bet on yourself if you want to see your dreams come true.

2.    Lead Your Life Instead Of Just Accepting Your Life.  Choosing to lead your live and not just accepting it is critical to owning your dream. When you die our God will not ask you why you did not become a Savior or develop a cure for cancer.  He will ask you, “Why you did not become you? Why didn’t you become all that you are?”   Reaching your God given potential requires taking responsibility for yourself and your life.  It means taking an active leadership role with yourself. 

3.      Love What You Do And Do What You Love.  Success people, those who see and seize their dream, love what they do and they do what they love.  They allow their passion and talent to guide them.  Why?  Because talent, purpose and potential always go hand in hand.  I don’t believe God makes mistakes.  He doesn’t create people to be talented in one area but interested in an unrelated one.  There is always a potential alignment of talent and passion if we have the courage to pursue our purpose and take risk.

    An important question we all need to answer if we want to become the person God wants us to be is, “Who we are?  Who am I?”  and you connect that with work that you truly love and in so doing unleashing the productive and creative power that they ever imagined. 

4.    Don’t Compare Yourself or Your Dreams To Others. I believe all of us want to be successful in life. And everyone define success differently. How do you define success? Do you agree with Webster meaning of success:  the gain of wealth, fame, rank, etc. If you do how much wealth do you need to become successful? Or how much fame do you intend to have?  Should you compare yourself to others? How about you devote yourself raising children with good character and serving the community? Does that meant you are less successful than those who had high rank in the business world? No! I don’t think so.

    Success is doing the best you can with what you have wherever you start in life.  You should never let others set the standard for you just as you should never allow yourself to live someone else’s dream. Comparing ourselves with others will not benefit us. Nor does it bring us closer to achieving our dream. 

5.     Believe Your Vision For The Future Even If Others Don’t Understand You. Though you have a great potential and the seed of purpose in you, people around you will not see your dream as you see it.  They will not understand you!  They will even ridicule you and put you down.

    A classic example is the story of Noah. God gave Noah a vision and he dreamt to make a Big Ship that no one was ever seen and travelled with.  People ridiculed him, mocked him, made fun of him and discouraged him.  Noah was unaffected by their actions and kept on doing what God envisioned him to do.

    Don’t let the negatives around take you away from owning your dream. If someone tries to silence your hopes maybe that person is not your friend. We are all unique and given different kinds of dreams to glorify and honor God. 

    God has put a dream inside you.  It’s yours and no one else’s.  It declares your uniqueness.  It holds your potential. Only you can birthed it.  Only you can live it. Own it!   

Read: Acts 20:24

#TheSW30 Day 20: Describe your most difficult breakup and what you learned from it

Every breakup that I had was painful, because I felt like I invested myself, my time and my resources. But I have learnings every after I had a break up.

My most difficult breakup was with my last boyfriend in college.

We broke up February of year 2011, while we were sitting on a park. I can not remember everything he told me, but I know that I got hurt.

Although it was painful because we were about to have our 2nd year anniversary on that year, I was glad that we broke up peacefully. We said our goodbyes nicely with a conversation while sitting on a bench in a park beside Greenbelt, Makati.

I did not cry when he broke up with me. But when he left me sitting in the park, my tears started to fall. I stayed on the bench for a few minutes more, then I started walking towards Greenbelt. My tears were falling from my eyes to my cheeks.

I went to Wendy’s and bought myself a macaroni salad and an ice cream to ease what I feel. Then, I called my Papa Tito in Bicol. I told him that my boy friend broke up with me. He consoled me. I was glad that I had that conversation with my papa.

What I learned from my break up was, I might not have satisfied the needs of my ex boyfriend. I told him as well that I am saving sex for marriage. Also, I have not given him enough time. Since I was busy with my academics and co curricular activities, I was running for honors and it was more important for me. I know we had differences too. I accepted it later on that there’s just things that cannot be.

I also told my mom about my break up and she comforted me too, even when she was in Mindoro. I’ve learned that I am loved by my family and that I am valuable and still precious.

Even then, I am thankful for the time I spent with him. I learned also a lot from him. He treated me nicely and fed me and gave me flowers and gifts. He was the longest relationship among all the ex boyfriends that I had. I still had a great time.

#TheSW30 Day 19: What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

Most of my friends know that I have always been an achiever at school. I have a sanguine personality before, but I felt like I changed or maybe I still have that a little sanguine in me, but not much. I feel like I am more of an introvert now, and quite reserved but when it comes to performing songs or anything on stage, I can be confident.

I can express myself more in writing than speaking. I have always thought of myself to be competitive, but actually I hate competition. You know the saying, “you don’t like it, but you still do it”? I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. (Romans 7:15) That’s how I felt. But, I love challenges. I like it when my mind is challenged to think.

It has always been my dream to work abroad and to leave the country, that’s why I chose nursing. Nursing was not my first choice but I learned to love it as time passed by. But when I became a Christian, even if life is difficult in the Philippines, I want to settle in my country someday.

I don’t enjoy too much attention from people. But I can stand in the spotlight or on stage if needed. I am not afraid of public speaking.

I am most of the time serious in life.

I don’t have a lot of friends. I like to be complimented sometimes, genuine compliments. I don’t like to be reprimanded in front of other people.

I hate it when people use cursing or bad words against me or to people that I love and care for. I hate to be compared to others, when I have my own strengths.

When a person breaks my trust, it is difficult to be restored again.

I’m not a good cook. But when I cooked for you, you can be very special.

I can be very loyal to someone, a product or a company once my trust is gained.

When I am angry, I can be very physical. Haha.

When it comes to pets, I never had a pet. I am afraid of dogs especially those that bark and run towards me.

#TheSW30 Day 18: If you could have a conversation with yourself in high school, what would you say?

If I can have a conversation with myself in high school, I would tell her this:

Dear young Jaenara,

(Jaenara is the name my classmates and teachers call me in high school)

I know how hard life for you is during your high school years. You were the eldest among your siblings and your parents got separated. You felt the burden of being the eldest. I know that you got disappointed too of not being able to take your entrance exam for Philippine Science High School (your dream school) because your family was struggling financially. I know that you have prepared for it. You studied for it during your summer enhancement classes after you graduated grade school with an engineer tutor. But, I know that you know during those times, you can’t afford to study in Manila because of financial reasons.

There were unanswered prayers. I know how lonely you were because your mom was not living with you during your high school years in Bicol. But, I know even when your mom was afar; she was working for you and your siblings, since she was the breadwinner in the family. She loves you so much as much as she loves your siblings. I know that you felt saddened also that your father is always drunk during those times. Though, your papa had vices, he was always there to support and encourage you. I know that you love your parents no matter how imperfect they were because of their weaknesses. Although they were imperfect, they were the perfect parents for you. They have their strengths too which added to how you grew and was raised.

On your first day of high school, you were not the girl who gets the most attention. But, I am proud of you because you were open to be friends with your other classmates too, who were achievers (honor students, athletes) in their previous grade schools. You did not let it hinder you to do your best to achieve your goal to be first honor.

I know how hard you worked for it. You studied and read your books instead of watching TV, you made your assignments with out delay. You slept late reading and there were times that you slept on your study table at night. You even rose early because you need to commute from your home in Baao to Iriga City.

I am so proud of you that you did not let all your problems and challenges consume you. Instead you rose up to face them all. You even balanced your extra curricular activities and your academics. How were you able to do that?

Although, I know also that you were also a teenager that time, you also had crushes. Your crushes were not attracted to you because you were a nerd. hahaha. But it’s okay. They were not Mr. Right. I am glad that you did not let your other friends pressure you in delinquency and vices.

You were just a silent girl who was always sitting in the front row. You were not a wall flower because you were a confident competitive student but you were a late bloomer.

I am so proud of you that you graduated Valedictorian. It was one of your best achievement so far. Other than being a Valedictorian, you were also an Editor in Chief of your school publication, and recipient of so many awards and recognition.

Jaenara, God is so good in your younger years! He enabled you to accomplish all those things. God is so faithful and gracious to you. You are a blessed and beloved child of God.

I am glad that you did not give up despite the challenges that you faced. I love you! No matter what challenges that I may face in the coming days. I will always look back to how God provided for you as a scholar in high school and how He was faithful to you that He is indeed a rewarder of people who are patient and who perseveres despite trials in life.

With love and care,

Ma. Jaenara M. Bitao (29 years old)

Ma. Jaenara M. Bitao, High School Valedictorian 2007 with her Papa Tito Bitao
These were some of my awards back in highschool. I am the girl at the bottom center part. Praise God! 🙏💟💐🎓

#TheSW30 Day 17: What are your spiritual beliefs and how do they impact your relationships/relationship status?

My spiritual beliefs greatly affect my perspective on my relationship status. I am a Christian who happens to be a nurse. I believe in passion and purity. I believe that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I believe that I should only be yoked with a believer too. I believe that sex is a gift from God that should only be done and enjoyed by married couples. I believe that anyone can change for the better. I believe that I am a sinner, undeserving but saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God who was conceived by the Holy Spirit 2000 years ago, born of the Virgin Mary, who was crucified, was beaten, bruised and was wounded, who was placed a crown of thorns in His head, who died, was buried and who rose again from the dead after three days, who ascended into heaven and who is seated at the right hand of the Father Almighty. I believe that He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

The one who never sinned and was pure was crucified on the cross for my sins. God, the Heavenly Father is an unfair but just and loving God, because He allowed and let His own son die on the cross for an undeserving person like me to save me from eternal damnation because of my sins (past, present and future). I believe that JESUS is a healer, a teacher, a miracle worker, a disciple maker, a man full of wisdom and honor. He turned water into wine. He resurrected Lazaruz from the dead. He wept. He cast away demons. He calms the raging storm and the sea with His word.

I believe that I am beloved child of God, (fully loved and fully accepted by Someone Amazing ) He loves you too (even at your worst). He knows what being rejected and betrayed felt like. He loves me so much that whatever sin I committed, He has already forgiven (all of my unknown secrets).

Jesus Christ, He can transform lives. He is a friend of tax collectors, sinners and the brokenhearted people. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe that angels exist. I believe in everlasting life. I believe in spiritual battles not seen, I believe in the beauty of heaven and the fires of hell. I believe that Jesus laid down His life for His friends. I believe that Jesus is victorious against the enemy. I believe that the thief (the enemy) came to steal, kill and destroy; but Jesus came that we may have life and have it to the full (John 10:10).

But when I think about our salvation, God did not send His Son because we kept asking Him to forgive us. While we were still enemies of God – He gave His Son for us entirely and absolutely out of His initiative (Romans 5:8-10).

I pray for all of my friendships and relationships. I pray for Godly friends who will guide me, encourage me and rebuke me with love in this walk and journey.

I believe that anyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved. (Acts 2:21)