#TheSW30 Day 22: What fictional character in a movie, tv show, or book do you identify with and why?

The fictional movie/ book character that I identify with is Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games book. It is a series of young adult dystopian novels written by American novelist Suzanne Collins. Katniss is the eldest and she would do anything for her sister Primrose. I love how she volunteered in replacement of her sister Prim during the reaping of the Hunger Games at district 12. I love how she loves her sister. I love Katniss’s character too. The girl on fire. She is strong, resourceful, smart and beautiful, willing to sacrifice for her loved ones. Although, I am not that good with archery. My classmate, Charles asked me to try archery one time when I was in High School. I only tried it once or twice.

In the same way, I love my brother and sister too. I would do anything for them. Though at times, they may irritate me because they don’t obey immediately, but despite that they inspire me too. My brother is thoughtful and loving, and my sister is talented, sweet and caring. I believe that the both of them have a bright future ahead. I am two years older than my brother and my sister and I are ten years apart with regards to age.

Moreover, I have given up my med school because I would like to support my sister instead. Though a part of me still wants to study med, but I was not so sure if that is what I wanted to do if ever I graduate. I left also because I might had wrong motivations while I was still in med school. All the drive that I had was lost and I was sad most of the time during those two years that I studied medicine, probably because I was sick during those times too. I had mental health issues and concerns. It would not be practical for me to pursue med anymore, and it’s particularly selfish on my part if all I wanted was to study it and not practice it. My family also had a tight budget. We are not well off, but to send all of us six: three of my stepfather’s children, and Pao, Me and Kim to medschool is too burdensome.

My sister wants to become a doctor someday and since I wasn’t 100% sure about being a medical doctor, I came back to nursing. I love nursing. Also, nursing is something that I could not let go of. All for my siblings and for me too. Since I still have no family and children of my own yet, I would be glad to support my parents with my sister’s education. While I am waiting.