Ni hao ma

So, it’s been a while since my last entry. Today is October 29 in the year of our Lord 2020.

It is my third day of immersion at NCCU or the Neuro Critical Care Unit. If you are not aware, I am a Float Pool Nurse, so I am rotated to various units because I don’t have a permanent unit. I was assigned with Ma’am Joanna Mae on my first day, and with Ma’am Denisse on the next succeeding days as my buddy nurse. I’ve handled a level 4 patient.

I am thankful that my manager already assigned me to have my duty at the critical care unit… Does she trust me already? I don’t know. I hope so.

I have learned so many things today. My patient today, Mr. W is a foreigner. He doesn’t understand English. He has a Glasgow Coma Scale of 7. It means that for the eye opening (2: to pain), verbal response (1: none), and motor (4: withdraws from pain). The patient is from time to time having abnormal extension of his upper extremities, whenever he feels stimulated. My patient, Mr. W was asleep. I tried introducing myself with the google translate.. I typed “My name is Jae. I’m your nurse for today from 6am until 2pm” in his own language. Although, he is asleep.

Does the ears still function when a person is asleep? Hmm. Something to think about.

Glasgow Coma Scale Perfect Score is 15 (Eye Opening: 4, Verbal Response: 5. and Motor response: 6)

So, the things that I am grateful for today despite, my patient’s intravenous lines were removed. I inserted three intravenous lines which were all patent and intact for my first try (Right arm : two gauge 22) and (Left arm : one gauge 24), with the use of the vein viewer. I am really improving when it comes to inserting lines. So, yay! On the other hand, I have learned today that I should secure my patient’s lines with the use of a wrist splint or secure it with a transpore.

My patient has ongoing D5W at 60 cc/hour, with Precedex and Midazolam at doctor’s desired dose. My patient got febrile awhile ago as well, so he perspired a lot and soaked what he was wearing. I changed his gown twice. The nasogastric tube was also fixed because it was already seen protruding at the patient’s mouth. So, NCCU nurses does the NGT insertions. So I assisted Ma’am Denisse. Stat ECG was done. (ECG has 6 color leads for the chest area and 4 leads at the upper and lower extremities).

Chest leads (Red, Yellow, Green, Brown, Black and Violet)
Arm Leads (RL – Red, RL Black & LA – Yellow, LL – Green)
So, for me to remember the color placements in the arm leads : 
(Color placement in the way I see the patient frontal view)
Right Arm - Marcos (Red)
Right Leg - Dead (Black)
Left Arm - Cory Aquino (Yellow) 
**due to Laban sign
Left Leg - (Green) Since Cory Aquino provided CARP or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
Right – Marcos (Red, black) & Left – Cory (Yellow, Green)

STAT Chest (AP) XRay was done (**Make sure you are at a distance from the Xray technician especially when you are a girl or a woman). Urinalysis specimen collection was done as well from the Foley catheter. (But be careful not to puncture the balloon, so the FC will still be secured).

My patient was toxic today, but I learned a lot, so I’m very thankful.

I prepared Norepinephrine (4:1) Levophed of 16 mg was given as well, since the patient had hypotension, just to increase the blood pressure to maintain Systolic BP of not less than 110 mmHg.

I monitored his intake and output hourly, and I accomplished it.

I had a challenging day today as well with my coworkers. I remember a Nursing Aid, asked me if what was my duty just before my shift ended in the pantry.. I told him, “morning”, then he said, “buti na lang hindi kita ka-duty, may narinig kasi ako na toxic ka”. Maybe he jokingly said that to me, but I am a new person at the unit. I am still adjusting, and I’m really sensitive. hehe

I pray that God will give me a supernatural patience and the ability to communicate well with the people around me, because they tend to misunderstand me most of the time because I am quite the serious and rigid type at work. I have an authoritarian attitude sometimes. So, I pray for P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E, and the will not to give up, dear God.

Thank you. Til next time, I pray for a good night sleep.

Build me up, Buttercup

So, today is October 18 in the year of our Lord 2020.

My last day of my vacation leave.

I just came from an overnight today from Pasig City. I slept last night at One Spatial Condo with Mer, Iya and Hannah at Amang Rodriguez St., Sitio Ligaya, Brgy. De La Paz, Pasig City. The place is just meters away from Marcos Highway, one of Pasig’s busiest thoroughfares. This condo is beside Ayala Malls Feliz also known as Feliz Town Center at Vermont building Room 306 with two bedrooms.

I had a tough and challenging day today, and I’ve learned something new about myself.

I seldom get angry for so long, but I just flared up awhile ago. I’m a control freak pala.

My friend and I had a misunderstanding. I was upset because I already paid for the overnight fee via BPI debit card plus my food and pajama fee. However, the budget exceeded and I needed to pay additional cash. I don’t feel good shedding another cash from my wallet, because it is difficult to find an Automated Teller Machine and to withdraw cash. Another thing is, I did not like what my friend told me about our excess food which was cooked yesterday to be thrown away.

I’ve acted weirdly because the cooked food is valuable to me, because part of the money that I shed for that was earned by me from the work that I have. You will really know the importance of money when it is already earned by you, rather than the feeling of getting it as an allowance or for free.

I also realized that I am not that good with budgeting too, because I am such a spender. Also, I got disappointed with my other person with us, because I felt like napipilitan lang siya maghugas ng kawali after I told her to wash it. So, instead I told her to leave it, and I’ll do it myself.

So, I was left on the kitchen sink. I washed the plates, spoons and forks and the containers for the viands. I cooked corned beef with oil and garlic and onions only (which woke up my friend after I prepared the garlic and onions.). I heated the rice with turmeric, reheated the sinigang after placing additional water on it, I heated the chicken adobo until the excess “sabaw” evaporated, and I also washed the dishes but not all of it before we ate our brunch.

I feel embarrassed with how I acted, I pray they forgive me.

With regards to worship… I told a friend I am with awhile ago that we can worship God anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter the place and the people you are with. I forgot to tell him though that it’s not just by singing. Worship is not just about singing. It reflects on everything we do. We can worship God on how we author our work with the best that we can give, whether it is by washing the dishes, cooking, even by eating with friends.

I just don’t know if God was enlightened about how I acted awhile ago. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we won’t get angry. We are still humans. We feel various emotions. So, I served my friends awhile ago to make up with what I did.

I don’t like it pala, when I do everything on my own. I realized that I can’t do everything on my own. I should be humble enough to ask for help when I need it.

I was so full of pride that I did not even said goodbye to them. I went separate way by commuting and them rode the grab car.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you, you know who you are. Please forgive me, how can I make it up to you? I’m learning. I have so many things to learn in this borrowed life that I have.

Lord, please prepare me for duty tomorrow. I pray for a good night sleep.

Tuwing Umuulan

Today is Tuesday, October 13 in the year of our Lord 2020.

I am sitting right now at my brother’s blue chair in front of my rectangular mirror with blue frame on its four sides. In front of me is my laptop that was previously owned by my brother.

Today is my 2nd day of my Vacation Leave which will last until Sunday.

The things that I accomplished today: My PRC license renewal as a registered nurse which will end on 2022, if I am not mistaken. I am listening right now to Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez Nonstop Songs Best OPM Tagalog Love Songs Playlist 2018.

So, prior to this moment, I took a shower with the use of “tabo” and a pail of running water from the faucet. It was raining outside. I forgot to bring an umbrella, so I was wet. I was wet all through out just after I ate at a restaurant at barangay 479 along 1089 Carola St cor. Piy Margal Street zone 17, just a few walking distance from where I live.

I ate pepperoni pizza five slices. I ate a chicken shawarma. Inside the roti, it has green onions, fries, shawarma sauce, and the other ingredients.. I can’t fully remember. I also ate one piece of buffalo chicken wings with one cup of white rice. I ate it all but I left one slice of pizza on the platter. I also drank two pitcher of water. In the “baso” or the transparent container for my water, I placed “Chamoment”. This teabag has Green tea leaves, Jasmine and Ashitaba. I sat in the chair til my drink changed from tea color into transparent in color like water, refilled my baso from time to time.

In that mini restaurant, they have two transparent doors, a transparent glass wall from the outside. Inside the restaurant, they have a flat screen television which songs are played, they have an aircon on top of the glass wall, they have lights hanging on the ceiling. They also have two photo frames of some sort of orange fishes. Is it gold fish? The first frame beside the transparent wall has seven fishes; then the second frame beside the concrete wall has six fishes. In between these two frames is the flat screen TV. There were round tables and metal chairs.

I did not bring an umbrella with me. I left the restaurant with my face shield and face mask. I walked and the rain fell on my head. I was wearing a blue “Bado” dress and beige colored sandals.

So, what I learned from today is to always bring an umbrella with me regardless of the distance of my walk, for the reason that my valuables inside my bag won’t get wet from the rain.

“Tuwing umuulan”, you need to have an umbrella with you, so you won’t get sick. Okay?

Til next time.

#TheSW30 Day 27: Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

Today is the 27th of the single woman’s 30 day blogging challenge and I am tasked to talk about something I really, really, really love about myself.

So, what do I love about myself?

First, I love my teeth and my smile. This teeth that I have is precious. When I was young my teeth were unaligned, but I wore braces after I graduated college. I wore my orthodontic braces for 8 years. Although I already lack one second molar on my right side of my lower teeth, I still feel blessed even if it is lacking and even if it’s not perfect. I had two dentists who fixed my teeth alignment. The first one was Dr. Van Caraan with assistance from Dr. Miriam, and the second was Dr. Ryan Soriano of Radiant Smile Clinic in Calapan, a board top-notcher in Dentistry Board Exam in his time. Before my teeth was aligned, I had a lateral incisor on the left side of my upper teeth that my dentist rotated 180 degrees plus another 90 degrees. I thought it was impossible, but it was rotated. Amazing.

One of the reasons I did not pursue my childhood dream of becoming a news reporter was because of my teeth. It was sungki sungki when I was a child since grade 4, because I was afraid of dentists. I wanted to become a journalist before, but it changed. I pursued Nursing and I have no regrets that I chose it as my course.

One of the things I also like about myself is my spirit of not giving up easily. I was not born genius, in fact I was very sickly when I was young. But, I persevered in school. I studied really hard and I stayed up late at night. I did not study at a prestigious university, but I still feel blessed that I studied where I took my Nursing undergraduate program in Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Memorial Schools – Makati Medical Center at Makati City.

Another thing that I like about myself is my voice. I don’t have a diva like voice. I can’t reach very high notes and even very low notes. Even so, I like my voice. I was once the voice actor of the protagonist in a play that “The Artiste Guild” (TAG) organization produced in MegaMall, when I was still in college. I once also went to ABS-CBN’s Showtime, a person there said that, “try ko daw sa radio”, because of my voice. But, I didn’t tried auditioning. haha.

Thank you God for creating me fearfully and wonderfully.

Telephone Call

Today is October 8 in the year of our Lord 2020.

I feel blessed today. God is real.

I woke up awhile ago… I was thinking of what must I do upon waking up today.

I did not open my cell phone. So, I was not able to have my devotional using my Youversion app, but I sat down and closed my eyes and just talked my thoughts, giving thanks to some cosmic being.

I had trouble really knowing my priorities, with what must I do first.

As a person, how do you prioritize your needs?

So, what I did when I stood up from my bed, I went to my mini kitchen sink. I took my “kaldero”, placed a one cup of rice grains, washed the rice grains twice, then placed water up to the line midway between my distal phalanx and middle phalanx of my middle right finger: some sort of crease in the distal intarphalangeal area and cooked rice using my induction cooker for about 10 minutes.

When the rice boiled, I turned off the cooker. Then, opened it again for about 10 minutes more. Then, I stopped it on it’s 5th minute because the rice doesn’t smell good anymore and it seems like the rice is burnt already. So, I stopped it.

The next thing I did, I cooked my “Lucky me” Chicken flavored noodles. I missed this food. It’s been a very long time since I ate this. Then, I opened my Century tuna can and transferred it in a “lalagyan” (I don’t know the english term.. P.S I’ll search for it).

Then, I prepared my table before eating. I placed a pink placemat on top of my wooden table just intended for one person. I placed water on my transparent plastic glass and put a one sachet of “Refresh” and mixed it as my water. This is my last sachet already, so I need to buy again. Afterwards, I took all of the rice that I cooked and placed it in a fragile plate that can break into pieces if it falls. I placed my “lucky me” noodles in a plastic container and took a spoon and fork. Then, I am thankful that I can eat. I ate all of my food and drank my water.

I was laidback the entire day. I didn’t wash my dishes immediately. I opened my laptop and listened to Lea Salonga’s playlist. Right now, I am listening to Best of Regine Velasquez’ Greatest Hits of 2018.

Before I left my room today, I took a bath. Then, I wore my undergarments, then my gray skirt and blue top, a wristwatch. I put on my eyeglasses. I combed my hair. I put on some essential oil in my face. Tied my hair in a ponytail. I wore my facemask and face shield.

The sandals that I chose today is beige in color. Then, I took my blue body bag and locked my room and went out to go to the Mercury Drugstore along Lacson near Dapitan street. I bought 10 tablets of 200 mg of Amiabel as prescribed by my doctor and facemasks. Then, I went home.

Upon reaching my room, I opened the light switch and opened my electric fan. Then, I sat down and looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled at her. Haha.

Then, I lied down on my bed. After a few minutes, my telephone rang. I wonder who was calling. Nobody calls me lately. So, I stood up and picked up the phone. I heard the voice and I smiled. It was my brother. He called me via long distance from Mindoro. He asked me if how was I. He asked if I already took my medication. I said that I already bought my medicines today. He asked if how many tablets did I buy, so he could monitor. I said, I bought 10. Then, he told me that he had a dream that I did not take my medicine for three days, and truth be told, he’s right. I stopped taking my medicine, but I bought now and I already took half tablet. Our conversation ended in the telephone, when I heard my mom called him. Before I put down the phone, I thanked him for calling and I told him that I love him.

So, thank you for this day.

UBB 282

Today is October 6 in the year of our Lord 2020.

I woke up with a smile, because I slept soundly last night. Then, I had my quiet time and I’ve read about Worship devotional day 1. I drank water and took a bath with a “tabo” and pail. Then, I prepared to go to the hospital. I am wearing a white t-shirt, a Lee jeans short, my pink socks with a Hug me print. So, this two socks that I have has a cactus plant on a pot with eleven circles and the cactus was wearing pink eye glasses. This is the first time that I looked at it intently, because I first thought that it was strawberry, but I was mistaken. I was also wearing my pink clort shoes that I used to hike at mount Ulap.

Then, I placed some serum on my face and I applied an oil for my eyelashes and eyebrows, and some focus oil from a 10ml container. This essential oils are from Oh Well. Then, I applied my make-up. I placed a Myra powder foundation on my face. I applied an eyeshadow from my Shawill Makeup artist palette. I also placed a blush on from my Shawill Highlight and Contour Palette. I also placed an eyeliner on my upper eyelids. This liquid eyeliner is special because it is Anastacia Beverly Hills in lavender colored container. Then, for my lips I put on Elemente lipstick’s Uranus.

I wore my brown eyeglasses from Own Days. I also wore my black Quartz wristwatch. I put on a gold-plated ring on my right index finger. I wore my Patient Care Services – Nursing Care Group jacket. Then, I wore my gold ear-saver with an engraved letters of SMILE for my face mask that I bought from Apolpielovesyou for the first time. Then, I used my blue body bag from Cose. I was ready to go out. I already left our gate but as I was walking along Carola street and as I reached Piy Margal street, I realized that I was not wearing a face shield. So, I went back and walked upstairs to my room on the third floor of the building to get my face shield. Then, I left my room.

After walking at Piy Margal, I walked at a certain street… I always forget the name of this street. Then, I walked at Espana until I reached Lacson and I waited for a taxi on the other side of the road along Espana. I rode the taxi.

In the taxi, I saw a green cloth (parang basahan) covering the backseat. I fixed how its placed. Then, I listened to the radio. It’s funny about what they were talking about. They were talking about distance and love. The DJ said that distance is…. how love can travel the test of time. If your love can stand Covid19, it can stand for eternity.

Today is my rest day, but I went to the hospital where I work at to meet my manager of the Patient Care Services Department to ask for two things: my rice stub and my consultation request for the clinic. However, I was not given the rice stub because it was already locked when I came, instead the rice was converted to money and sent to my account.

Then, I went to the H.E. clinic to file for a sick leave. Since, I was absent last night on duty. I did not go to work because I was not feeling well because I did not get enough sleep before my night duty started. I was not prepared for duty, so I opted not to go. But then, my manager told me that I should not have frequent absences at work. I’m thankful for the guidance of my manager. Though, I can be good when it comes to theory, I have this difficulty at work when it comes to rendering actual skills, that’s why I have still not been immersed at the Intensive Care Unit. So, I need to keep up because I am being left behind by some of my junior nurses, considering that it is already my 13th month of working in the hospital.

After I filed my sick leave, I went back to my manager and sir Nathan came. He asked my manager to let at least five nurses to evaluate a product. I was the first person to evaluate Procare’s hand gloves. So, I wrote down that it is comfortable to wear and that it is acceptable for me.

I was wearing the gloves until I saw a taxi with a plate number UBB 282 at E. Rodriguez Street. I rode it, and sat on the front seat beside the driver since the door at the backseat was locked. The taxi driver’s seat has a plastic wall as a preventive measure from Covid19.

Then, the driver told me his story about being a driver. He shared about his complaints of being a driver. He said that “Iba ang Pilipino kapag naging employer compared to foreigners” (Filipino employers are unique compared to foreigners). I asked him about it… He said that apart from being a driver, his Filipino employer was asking him to till the soil because this employer that he had loves to plant. But, he was complaining about it because his job must only be about driving. He does not like to till the soil. I told him, maybe there is a reason why his employer wants him to till the soil. He further said that, he doesn’t have a green thumb because all of the plants that he tries to plant dies. He told me that his mother “once” told him when he was 12 years old, “na mamamatay ang halaman pag siya ang nagtanim” (the plants will die if he plants it). So, he never tried again.

At present, he is a widower. His wife died five years ago. His wife loves to plant on their yard when she was still alive. However, when his wife died, his wife’s plants and flowers were not taken cared of anymore, and the lot that used to have plants were instead replaced for carpentry materials.

I asked him if he loves his wife who already passed away, he said yes. Now that he is a widower, he also said that there is a certain girl, still young who likes him but he does not opt to marry again, because he does not want to buy anymore baby diapers.

Upon reaching the place where I currently live, I challenged him to cultivate his yard and maybe start to plant again. Before I left the seat, I shared to him Jesus Christ using a video clip that I got from a friend/ stranger. I asked him to pray with me and he accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

However, I forgot to do something before I left the taxi which he does not own. I forgot to pick up the tissue on the floor of the front seat where I sat, considering that I was wearing gloves.

This driver’s name is Ferdinand and his late wife’s name is Sonia. They had children.

I am thankful to God for this day. I hope to be able to do the things that I must study today.

That’s it for now. God bless my readers.

#TheSW30 Day 25: Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?

This is my 25th entry for the single woman’s 30 day blogging challenge.

First, what does “paid it forward” mean?

Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying the kindness to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the particular phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book “In the Garden of Delight”.

Someone once told me that we cannot give to others if we ourselves are not full. So, I am thankful to God for all the blessings He bestowed on me. God granted me the opportunity to study for college and to be in medical school even for two years only. I was also given the opportunity to be in graduate school at UP Manila for the MHA program, even when I haven’t finished it because I failed one subject just before I take my comprehensive exam. Even then, I was well provided for my education. Thanks to my mama and tatay/ Dr. RJ, who treated me as one of his children even when I am not his own child.

Another blessing that was given to me was the bike I am using since the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) as a donation from Sir Joel Paler. There came a time when vehicles for transport like jeepneys, taxis and buses even tricycles were banned to operate during the ECQ due to the Covid-19 or the Corona Virus Disease Pandemic.

The ECQ started from March 17, 2020 until May 31, 2020. During those period, in order to limit the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Philippines, lockdowns, officially characterized as “community quarantines” by the government, of varying strictness were imposed in numerous parts of the country. The “enhanced community quarantine” (ECQ) is the strictest of such measures. The largest of these measures was the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, most specifically in NCR.

Last May 18, 2020, I found a page in Facebook where they collect bikes for donation for frontliners. In that page, I saw Sir Joel Paler placed a comment that he is willing to donate his bike and that he is living near Dapitan corner San Diego street. Thank God that he is living just a few streets away from where I currently live in Carola Street beside UST Manila. So, I messaged him and asked if he is willing to lend me his bike, but to my surprise he gave the bike to me with inclusions of helmet and chain lock. I am grateful because there were no jeepneys and even taxis during that time. I praise God for his provision. Sir Joel is a nice person. Instead of letting me buy his bike, he encouraged me to share to others so they will do the same. I feel blessed on that day.

Bike given to me by Sir Joc Paler last May 18, 2020 #ECQ

So, how will I be able to repay his kindness to me?

I don’t know how I could do that but I was given the opportunity to give at a certain cause. However, I will not mention to where I gave the money that I had, but it let me feel that I have the ability to be kind to others. I feel delighted and blessed that I was given that chance. Thank you God for the opportunity.