Regina Manaog y Toraldo is the name of my grandmother, my mother’s mom. They are from Bicol. She have five sons and one daughter. Actually, I really don’t know the full name of my lola.

She died at the age… At the date… She was born on… I don’t really know. But I will find out.

She did not go to college. She was a highschool graduate. She was sent to school by her husband, my lolo Jovito Manaog, to study about bookkeeping, since they had a “talyer” before. This talyer that they had can accommodate as much as 15 cars. My lolo was a car mechanic which fixes German – made cars.

Their business was really a hit many years ago… But the problem is, they don’t own the land where their talyer was built somewhere in Pasay. What I heard, they just rent the land and there is some Indian or Bombay.. who took the land. Something about 5/6?

I am not really sure about the story.

I will figure this out.

From what I remembered, my lola did not visit in the house that my parents rented when I was young. However, when we had a house and lot in Calamba.. She still did not visit us. The house that I lived in Calamba was I think sold to someone I don’t know before I lived to study in Bicol when I was in Grade 6.

However, my lolo visited me when I was still a child, back when I still live in Fort Bonifacio and when I lived in Calamba, Laguna.

In order to see my lola, I still need to go to Liberty Homes, Alabang. She was a woman of few words. She rarely speaks and she really cooks well. I love her. When she cooks, she would prepare a lot. She is the eldest among all her many siblings. From what I heard, she sent them to school to study for college even when she herself was not able to go to college. My lola sent all her children to school as well. I am just not sure if they have all graduated.

From what I remembered when I was still a child, we would lie down in a maroon sofa or on the wooden floor with a banig and kumot and a kulambo; and she would tell me horror stories… before I sleep.

She loves to bite my ears when I was still a child, not with her teeth but with her lips tucked and pressed.

I am the eldest grand daughter from all her apos.

From what I heard, she wanted my mom to be a nurse, even though what my mom wanted was to become an architect.

She died from liver cancer.