I never experienced such humiliation that UP and San Beda gave me.

I failed my epidemiology subject in UP Manila – College of Public Health, last 2016, and got a grade of 5.00. It’s the main reason, I was not able to push through my management study and my comprehensive exam.

I passed all my subjects in San Beda University – College of Medicine, except for Histology, Biochemistry and Neurosciences last 2019 and scored 5.00. It means that it is an outright fail.

They say, hindi na pwede magenroll ulit sa San Beda Medicine, kapag naka fail ka twice.

The first time I studied medicine, I took a leave of absence. (2014)

The second time I studied medicine at San Beda, I failed three subjects. (2019)

Lord, give me strength please.

Humiliate is a verb, an action word from the late Latin humiliatus,

past participle of humiliare, from Latin humilis.

Source: Merriam – Webster (2020)