How to Resign at St. Luke’s

Okay, guys.. This is what needs to be done when resigning at the hospital where I work at.

  1. Write a letter of resignation to your manager.
  2. Go to Human Resource Department : Employee’s Labor Relations Department. Then, they will give you an Accountability Clearance Form.
  3. Then, you need to let each department sign your clearance form. First, you need to let your department manager/ unit manager sign, then the Functional Group Head (For Senior Managers only).
  4. Then, let the Information Management sign. This department is located in the 2nd floor of the main building, the office beside the stairs.
  5. Next, let the billing and account services department sign the paper. The office is located on the first floor of the main building on the left side from the main entrance.
  6. Next, let the In- House Security Department sign your paper, this office is located on the ground floor of the building beside the Union ATM.
  7. Then, let the linen and laundry and pharmacy services sign your paper (but this is only intended for NUMs and ANUMs)
  8. Then, let the Central Sterile Supply Department sign. This office is located near the pharmacy and the Hospital Employees Clinic.
  9. Then, let the General Medical and Surgical Supplies Department, sign your paper. This is located on the warehouse.
  10. Then, let the Credit Cooperative sign your paper. This is located beside entrance/exit near the Nursing Care Group Office.
  11. Then, let the SLMC Employees Association sign your paper. This is located on the second floor of the St, Luke’s College of Medicine, 2nd floor.
  12. Then let the SLCM Medical Library sign your paper. This is located at the St. Luke’s College of Medicine 6th floor.
  13. Next, let the H.E. Medical records/ Employee Health Clinic sign. This office is beside the Central Sterile Supply Department. Then, they will give you a paper of your medical records. This papers need to be submitted to the Medical Records Management office, which is the next step, that is located on the 5th floor of the main building near 5 West’s nurses station.
  14. Then, let the LEAD or the Learning Education and Development Department sign your paper. *This is one of the Human Resource Department, located at the 6th floor of the Annex building. The best access to this office is the stairs.
  15. Then, let the accounting department sign, (Property, General, and Payroll)
  16. Next, is the HR employee and Labor relations Department (CBA Booklet, Code of discipline, and exit interview)
  17. Then, let the Internal Audit sign.
  18. Lastly, let the Management Department sign. Specifically the CBMS (Employee’s handbook, compendium and I.D) and the ISRM (Copy of Resignation Letter and Exit Interview Form)
  19. Then, let the department manager sign for the approval and also the Human Resource Head.

Guys, I haven’t finished my resignation. Please pray for me to finish this. I am still on step 13. Help me finish, God. Thank you.

I don’t know how much will I pay St. Lukes’ guys. I heard they let their employees pay them 10,000 pesos once they resign.

Still thankful of my experience with St.Luke’s. I learned a lot. Also, they still gave me a powerbank for my birthday. Thank you.

Tick Tock

When I was still a child, I remembered my lola +Regina. She has a big clock at her house, many years ago. This clock is as tall as a cabinet, I don’t really know the term, but it doesn’t tick whenever the seconds move like normal clocks. It ticks at certain hours only.

Guys, I’ll tell you something…

I am anxious whenever I hear the clock ticking, I feel like “nabibilang na ang araw ko sa mundo”. Hahaha. That’s why, I feel better using electric fan than the aircon, because I can’t hear the ticking clock. The sound of the fan shadows the clock ticking that I have in my room. The sound of my music also shadows the clock ticking.

Anyway, I am so glad today. An unexpected visitor came. So I am counting the days from today, December 8, 2020.