Deliberate disobedience

I am just deliberately disobeying my doctor. Sabi niya, wag ko daw sabihin sa iba na nagttake ako ng medications, dahil sa stigma. What’s gonna happen because of what I did?

But, I’m telling this now.

Also, the reason I was really depressed.. Kasi sabi ng isang classmate ko sakin dati. I don’t know if he really is a friend, I’m a false prophet daw. What if I am really a false prophet? Since I told him, na magkakababy kami. I was so obsessed with him, many years ago. Naturn off siya sakin. So he called me a false prophet.

Yun lang. Do you know what happened to the false prophet?

He was thrown to the fires of hell as what I’ve read in the Bible. I don’t know if it is a dangerous thing, reading the bible alone.

Another reason that I was depressed, my girlfriends. My most closest friends. They just left me. Yun lang. Mas grabe yung heartbreak ko with girls than boys. You know.