How to Resign at St. Luke’s part 2


I have already let the employee health clinic sign my clearance, and I’ve already submitted my medical records at the Medical Records Management office, which is located at 5 West Oncology unit.

Then, I have already let the LEAD or the Learning Education and Development Department sign my paper.

I have also let the accounting department sign (both property and general) but my clearance is still in the payroll. They asked me to call back on Wednesday next week, or they will update me as soon as they have already managed what’s left of me to pay or something about payroll.

So, right now.. I am still waiting. Guys, I have still not finished cleaning my small room.

So I guess that’s what I need to do now, while waiting for St. Luke’s. Sayang, St. Lukes Medical Center is really a nice hospital, it’s world class. But, they just let go of me easily. Hahaha. I also like that every employee in the hospital has a g-suite account in gmail.

It is one of the things that I really like in St. Luke’s, my email address, which was already deleted by the management.

Also, they still gave me sweldo the last month.. although I did not receive an email. So, still thankful.