How do you love?

How do you love a person, who’s not yet finished loving another person from his or her past.

They say, as Christians.. We must love even those difficult people. But, what if we are the difficult people.

How do we ask God to help us love these people?

I just know deep in my heart, that life is not unfair to those who believe that their deliverance will come. Life is not a misery just because we can’t have the things that we want now. It may not be the right time at the moment, but maybe.. in due time. It will come and God will open doors that no one can shut.

I learned from Martin Luther King Jr., that peace is not merely the absence of tension but the presence of justice.

There is a huge distance between “highest heaven” and “earth”—but it is a distance that Jesus had bridged that night, stepping down from Heaven to be born as a human baby. To bring “peace on earth.”

“Jesus is God, eternal and all-knowing and all-powerful and all-present. But at Christmas, Jesus was born as a human baby. He became fully human and fully God, because only as both human and God could he be the perfect mediator to bridge the divide between heaven and earth and bring peace between God and humanity.” ~ peace on earth ~

You know there is something special with girls that are loved. They seem to glow from within, even if for those who are in a long distance relationship. This same is true with ladies that God loves and protects because they are His. Deep down, they may feel broken and unwanted.. But there’s something special with these ladies. I just can’t figure out. But, God just makes them feel more beautiful even in their brokenness which is a mystery of how God does this.

That in their suffering they just magnify Christ’s saving power with the belief that someday He will come for deliverance, for justice, for love and for peace.

He is our ultimate reward in this crazy world full of indecent obsessions. Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our God is alive in each one of us as we battle our day to day challenges.

We must be humble enough to ask God for help with things that are beyond our control. Amen.