The pain is just part of the process

I just read recently that pain is just part of the process, whatever we’re going through right now.

So the writer, Aaron Adajar said that what if Jesus stopped at the pain? He endured pain so you don’t have to endure it by yourself. He carried to cross so you don’t have to carry your burdens alone.

He reiterated that “You might be in pain right now. You may have been hurt, abused, rejected, left out or manipulated by someone, hear me – it’s not your fault. Don’t just stop there. God is restoring you again. God is picking you up again.”

Your story doesn’t end there. Imagine what can happen, if you endure beyond the pain to reach the blessing.

Certainly, if God is with your at your highest, He’s surely with you at your lowest now.

We don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves, thinking that we deserve every pain we’re feeling. We are only humans, capable of making mistakes, but that does not mean that God exempts us from trials in life, even if we are Christians. I believe God is our redeemer.

Remember that Grace stays, Grace restores. Grace conquers. That some grace is working in you. Let Him in.