MENSA, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, is in the process of creating the ultimate standardized IQ test for Filipinos. Contributions in Filipino are welcome from anyone with an IQ of 132 and above. These are the entries to date:

[1] Kung ikaw si Batman, sino ang bahala sa yo? Give three examples.
[2] Ano ang mas malaki? BAG NI DORA o BULSA NI DORAEMON? Ipaliwanag.
[3] Sino ang kumagat sa logo ng Apple, at bakit hindi niya ito inubos?
[4] Kung may UPCAT, bakit walang UPDOG? Elaborate.
[5] Sa produktong Crayola, ano ang pinagkaiba ng yellow-green sa green-yellow? Explain using logarithmic functions.
[6] Kung ang 1 kg ay may 1000 g, ilang grams naman ang meron sa Instagram? Show your solution.
[7] Kung sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas may “”Panahon ng Amerikano, Hapon, Kastila at Pre-Colonial”, kailan naman matatagpuan ang Panahon ng Kopong-kopong? Ilahad ang mga mahalagang pangyayari at magpakita ng archaeological evidences.
[8] If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, bakit sila nagpunta sa Earth?
[9] Should you give up or should you just keep chasing pavements? Expound.
[10] Ano ang meron kay Brand X at galit na galit ang ibang brand sa kanya? Explain.
[11] Masasabi mo bang fair ang Miss Universe Pageant kung lahat ng contestants at judges ay galing sa Earth? Explain.
[12] Gaano kataas ang lipad ng Whisper with wings? Graph your solution.
[13] Kung may mag-imbento ng powdered water, anong idadagdag mo?
[14] Kung walang kamay ang mga ibon, then why do birds suddenly APIR? Ipaliwanag.
[15] Sabi ng iba, napuntahan niya na lahat ng sulok ng mundo. Paano mo masasabi na may “sulok” ang mundo kung Oblate Spheroid naman ang hugis nito? Explain and draw your answer on a 1/4 sheet of graphing paper.
[16] May nalunod na ba sa lalim ng gabi? Kung meron, enumerate.
[17] Bakit ang tawag sa “building” ay building kung tapos na siya? Justify.
[18] Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy? Illucidate.
[19] Gaano kadalas ang minsan? Enumerate.
[20] How did Adele set fire to the rain? Write the chemical formula.
[21] Kapag ang ipis nahulog sa tubig na may sabon, dudumi ba ang tubig o lilinis ang ipis?
[22] Bakit pababa nang pababa ang ispaghetti? Explicate using Newton’s Law of Gravity.
[23] Does the moonlight shine on Paris after the sun goes down?
[24] Kung ang nakatusok na baboy ay barbeque, ang nakatusok na saging ay bananacue, bakit ang kabayo, carousel?
[25] Ilan ang butas sa isang cracker ng Skyflakes? Illustrate.
[26] Kung ang tao nagmula sa unggoy, bakit may mukhang kabayo? Explain.
[27] Kung ang tao ay nag-evolve mula sa unggoy, bakit may unggoy pa rin?
[28] Nauuhaw din ba ang mga isda? Ipaliwanag.
[29] Bakit kapag rush hour tsaka mabagal ang daloy ng traffic? Explain your answer using sign language.
[30] Nasaan ang Edge of Glory? Write your final answer in nautical miles.
[31] In 140 characters, ibuod ang talambuhay ni Jose Rizal.
[32] Ang breakfast ba at dinner, pwedeng ilagay sa lunchbox? Prove your answer.
[33] Kung si Corazon ang unang aswang, pang ilan ka?

(Questions taken from a post by Bingbing Agbayani-Bonoan, the Undersecretary of Mensa Philippines) and copied and reposted from Direk Mark Aranal’s FB status post.

Will try to answer some of the questions. Hahaha. For fun! 🤣 I got this from Pastor Niki Miranda’s post at the New Beginning Impact Youth Ministry page. Haha. Kamiss.

Single and Happy

Single and Happy by Francis Kong

I was tired but I was happy last week. It was the 13th talk for the week for me. But I drove all the way from Manila to Batangas to take part in a conference for singles. Nine hundred-plus of them gathered together to hear me speak. Until today, I still do not understand how and why God would prepare people to listen to me speak. I am sure this is what they call “Amazing Grace.”
This got me thinking.

There are many people out there who have been single for a while, and they may be starting to feel discouraged that they might never meet someone ever. It’s easy for thoughts like this to pull anybody down. If you, my reader, happen to be one of them, then I would like to offer a few suggestions on how you can be single and be extremely happy. Because, really, you can. Just consider the following things:

    I had a heart to heart talk with my daughter Hannah one time. Hannah had just graduated from college, and even while she was still in school, she was already extremely entrepreneurial. I told her, “Hannah, you don’t have suitors, and I don’t see you having many male friends around. You seem to always be at home doing your work or preparing for your next project. Why is this so?”
    This daughter of mine, who’s in her mid-twenties, rolled her eyes at me in her trademark style, and said, “Oh forget it Daddy! I have so many plans for my life and so many things I want to do. Being tied down to somebody right now is simply NOT my priority. Besides, you’re my dad and you can provide me with anything I want.” And she looked at me with a sheepish smile.
    I feigned horror and said, “You mean you do not want your dad to retire?” “Work harder dad, work harder…. like a horse dad….” And we laughed so hard together. She is single but thinks like a winner, not a victim. Like her, there are many successful single people out there who know firsthand that singleness can be enjoyed.
    Do not rush into marriage. There are many women I know who rush into marriage simply because they want to escape their current homes, or maybe because they want to please somebody else. Don’t do that!
    Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you need to pray for the right person and first become a right person. The next time an insensitive friend or relative approaches you and say, “The clock is ticking…You’re not married yet?” Chin up, look at them in the eye and give a warm smile, and say, “Excuse me, but I am currently…happily self-sufficient!”
    You will never be happy unless you are productive. As a single person, there are many things you can do at the moment that many cannot because of family commitments they have to keep. The world needs you to be productive and to contribute to its betterment. And the more you are focused on a cause bigger than yourself, the more you will find happiness and fulfillment.
    If you study Scriptures, you will find that the apostle Paul stayed single all throughout his life, and he was happy he did. Now that is being positive. There is a term for this – “Blessed Singleness.”
    Practice a positive attitude. Realize that life is seriously beautiful. Even though George Clooney isn’t sitting on your couch and proposing marriage, you have other beautiful, things going on for you. Your friends, a dog, a hobby, travel, sports adventure – have you ever taken the time to thank God for all these good things and others that you have but have somehow took for granted? Enjoy the moment. Sing. Write. Dance. Paint. These are wonderful activities but most importantly….serve!
    Love God with your entire being, because His is the greatest companionship you can ever have. And with Him, you win big time all the time!