Hot water

As you all know, I’m already at my apartment in Carola.

I just came last Monday.

Awhile ago, I was cooking my breakfast.

Then, suddenly while I was holding the container for my noodles,

my hands slipped.

So, my right hand got burned.

It hurts.

But, I’m okay now.

I just placed a balm on it.

I am meeting my doctor later.

I want to tell him,

about my career.

I want to tell him,

about a certain guy.

Also, I just want to ask a medical certificate,

because I would like to go back to med school.

Sabi niya dati,

Dapat hindi pabago- bago ang isip ko,

yung konting hirap lang with nursing,

I will decide to go back to Med na agad.

I’m 30 years old na,

and I still don’t know what I want.

Bahala na, what’s gonna happen.

No, I know what I want.

I have just not articulated them yet.

Andaming bumabagabag sa isipan ko.

My past, my present and future.

But I just believe, that God won’t abandon me at this hour.

He holds the universe in His hands.

Including me.

I am secured in His hands.

I am a child of God.

I believe.

How are you sure that it is love?

I remembered someone asked me many many years ago,

How are you sure if what you really feel is love?

I told the person,

Love is a choice. Do you agree?


We can love so many people, and things.

But the problem is,

Are they ready to give in return what you have given them?

Unselfish love, is not asking for anything in return.

Maybe that’s the reason why we feel hurt.

It’s because we expect too much.

We love selfishly.

But, I still believe in love.

God is love.

It’s amazing how God can redeem people out of pits.

I still believe in love.

I still believe.