Eclampsia, a gloomy day

A gloomy day: I had a patient, 36 years old with eclampsia about to give birth G2P0, meaning she is already on her second pregnancy with no living child. She is single with no husband. Upon reaching the ER, she have no signs of labor too.

I feel so sad, because the baby inside the mother’s womb was already dead upon delivery. But then, when I assessed the mother, it still had heartbeats. Therefore, the heartbeats that the doppler detected was already the mother’s and not the baby’s.

I am so sad, but to prevent giving false hopes to the mother, it is advisable and important to check the fetal heart tone in one full minute and let the resident doctor or a senior nurse validate your assessment.

Even if I haven’t been a mother, and I have not been pregnant, but to consider the mother’s age. She is already on her second pregnancy, and she is already 36, and with no alive babies yet. I am really sad. If I were in her place, I might lose my mind. Lord, please cover the patient that I had. I really feel sad even if I am not in her position. Please comfort her. May she feel that you love her even if her baby passed away.