Have you ever thought?

Have you ever thought?

Ano pagkakaiba ko sa hindi Christian?

Sometimes, I feel guilty of not doing the things I must supposedly do. Sometimes, I feel like I’m too much preoccupied of myself, forgetting those people close to me having real struggles compared to mine. Whereas my challenges are so petty compared to them. But I’m so selfish of my thought life.

I don’t know if I’m extending my influences with the best of what I can do with my family, cousins, and friends.

Deep down, I feel like I am not just existing on earth just to be here. I have a purpose. I have a thing to do. I have a mission. I am called to do something.

I am alive for a reason. Thus, I am so fortunate to be birthed in this earth. Thank you God. Dear Lord, reveal to us your plans one at a time. Reveal to us, what on earth we are here for. Why we are breathing. For whom we are living for.

God bless my readers.