My brother

My brother is leaving me again to go back to Mindoro. His internship was suspended at East Ave Medical Center. So, that means I am all alone again here in my apartment starting tomorrow.

Naiiyak ako. Wala na ako mauutusan. Joke! Haha!

Nevertheless, kahit na minsan may mga misunderstanding kami, I still love him. He’s really thoughtful. He reminds me to drink my medicine. hehe.

He’s sweet too. The other day, I asked for him to buy me a milk tea, and he bought me one. Awhile ago, he asked if I like a chocolate cake when he was at SM, and he bought for us.

My brother has a girlfriend. His gf was his highschool bestfriend, and they are still together until now. Although, his gf doesn’t love to cook, I hope she will learn how soon, because my brother deserves to be treated well at home.

I am really proud of him. *Nakakaiyak. He was not an honor student back then. But, when he was still in medschool, I saw him studying late at night, or sleeping first then waking up very early just to read his transes. He loves to play a computer game entitled, “Perfect World”. He even watched Grey’s Anatomy, the entire season. Haha! I lend him my med books. I hope he reads them.

All in all, I love my brother. I pray he passes the MD board exam on his first take this year. (praying)