God Tools

I have a friend that I met at Heartbeat MD last 2018. Her name is Hope Lanika Bautista. She shared to me the 4SL from God Tools, and which then I downloaded.

A while ago, after our 12 hour night duty. I had a co worker in the Emergency Room, Triage. Her name is Sarah Noynay. She is a nursing assistant. She studied care giving. I shared to her the 4SL Tagalog version from God Tools, just after we ate breakfast from a carinderia somewhere in Dapitan street.

She prayed the prayer of acceptance of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to God for giving me the courage to talk to her the 4SL. It’s terrifying at first yet satisfying eventually, that God is so great. I feel honored that He chose me to be His own and I got to share His love to those around me too.

Thank You Lord.

I got a chance to share too the 4SL with Sir Alking Turla and Sir Danilo Sitoy, our security guards for this night. Thank You God. Amen.

Memo: Recharge

As an introvert, you can notice me quite aloof to people. I don’t feel comfortable with a lot of people interactions, unlike when I was a little younger. I just changed.

If you see me performing dance or sing songs, it’s my way of releasing tension from my body and expressing my feelings. But then again, I’m still learning how to interact with people.

I’ve been hurt a countless times already, that’s why I’ve been guarding my heart for the longest time. If I interact with people, it drains the energy out of me. So, I needed time to recharge and give love to myself by quiet times and doing the things that I love with my artistic side. Though, I’m not claiming to be that good artist. I just try to do art, like sing, dance, write, and paint.

On a side note, sometimes, I wonder if am I really for nursing.

Ilang beses na akong umiyak dahil sa Nursing. Haha! Various emotions and feelings.

I have a cloud in my mind that says, ” Sa gusto ko laging mag short cut, mas napapatagal pa tuloy yung maacomplish yung gusto kong gawin. Sobrang masunurin ko, to the fact na paano naman yung gusto kong gawin? Like can I even decide on my own na gawin ko naman yung gusto ko, without the influence of those around me?”

For the longest time, I just want to do things that I want.

What do you want, Jaea? Recharge! 🙂