God Tools

I have a friend that I met at Heartbeat MD last 2018. Her name is Hope Lanika Bautista. She shared to me the 4SL from God Tools, and which then I downloaded.

A while ago, after our 12 hour night duty. I had a co worker in the Emergency Room, Triage. Her name is Sarah Noynay. She is a nursing assistant. She studied care giving. I shared to her the 4SL Tagalog version from God Tools, just after we ate breakfast from a carinderia somewhere in Dapitan street.

She prayed the prayer of acceptance of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to God for giving me the courage to talk to her the 4SL. It’s terrifying at first yet satisfying eventually, that God is so great. I feel honored that He chose me to be His own and I got to share His love to those around me too.

Thank You Lord.

I got a chance to share too the 4SL with Sir Alking Turla and Sir Danilo Sitoy, our security guards for this night. Thank You God. Amen.