A praying friend

The other day, I’ll share to you what I saw and heard from facebook stories.

My friend whom I met at Victory Fort Singles Fellowship was praying and she was crying. Her face was not seen, it was just a recorded voice with subtitles and with a photo of a dove. She said that she was led by the spirit to pray, and it was so heartfelt that she was crying all through out the prayer.

At first, I wondered why she was crying. It somehow struck me after I did something terrible in one of my singing apps. I deleted most of my songs, duets from 2020. I had this bubble in my brain that says, “Okay lang siguro yun, kasi wala namang nakikinig, and songs lang naman yun. It means nothing.” On the day I deleted the songs, I was supposedly on duty, but I was absent.

When I deleted them, I felt nothing.

I told my siblings what I did. I told my mama what I did. She asked me why I deleted them. I don’t know what to reply.

Then I heard this friend pray. Her name is Marie Kimberly Naparota. What I remembered from her prayer, is that she prayed for Christians to be united and not be complacent and to be bold in sharing Jesus to other people. She prayed for her city too.

I would like to cry with her, but a tear did not fall on my cheeks after her prayer. However, hours later I started feeling dry, clueless and guilty and I cried too. I felt like this terrible thing that I did is really terrible. This is one of my struggles as a Christian, to be consistent in my prayer life. I wish the holy spirit will move me to tears while praying for the people I love and care for and for my friends, and even enemies, and most specially for my country.

I love to have a praying friend.

So, God’s verse from Youversion for today is:

Revelation 21:4

4 He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”


Praying with tears is something that other people who are spiritually led may joyfully experience. But, I believe that praying even without tears may also be done, because our faith is not merely based on emotions and feelings and even situations and circumstances. We test our faith. We just simply talk with a supreme being, praise the creator of heaven and earth, ask for forgiveness of our sins, give thanks to The One who bestows blessings, and possibly say our supplications and requests too.