The first classmate I punched in the face

I’ll tell you about Jerome. Though I’m not sure of his name.

He was my classmate back in preparatory school.

He was the first boy that I punched in the face inside the van, the school’s service car.

When he bullied my brother, Paolo.

I wrestled with him, even though he was much more bigger than me.

I was not afraid of him, since I don’t like my brother to be bullied. Haha!

Or maybe, I should have let Paolo fought with him na lang.

Sayang ang beauty and energy ko. Haha!


I’ll tell you about Luke,

He was my first crush.

When I was still in Montessori School,

I was a junior or senior casa that time, in preparatory for grade 1.

He was just a shy, timid boy.

He seldom speaks,

He is quite mysterious…

Maybe that’s the reason why I was intrigued by him;

When I transferred to another school, I lost contact with him. I never saw him again. I can’t even recall his surname.

Anyway, I was too young to understand about crushes. I just admired him. He’s nice.

#TheSW30 Day 15: Narrate a conversation between you and someone in your life who you never had closure with. What would you say? What would they say? What outcome would you hope for?

This is a little difficult, but I will try. I have friends I have in mind, that I have not had any closure with.

Friend A:

Dear Mr. Board Exam Topnotcher,

I miss you my friend. I loved you, this is true. I apologize for the hurtful words that I said. I was sick. I wish you know that you mean a lot to me.. I wish we are still friends. I really got hurt when you blocked me in facebook and you threw years of our friendship away. I hope we can start anew and be friends again. Although there is no us and there never was, I forgive you for the hurtful words you said to me. I pray for your success and happiness. God bless!

Mr. Board Exam Topnotcher: Yes, Jaea. I forgive you. Let’s put the past behind and start anew. Let’s be friends. I pray for your success and happiness as well. God bless you.

Friend B:

Dear Miss Elementary Valedictorian,

I miss you my friend. I got hurt when you unfriended me in facebook, when all I just wanted is for you to exercise with me and run the marathon with me. I know it’s difficult because at that time we are both chubby, but I hope you understand that I just care for you. I don’t want you to be obese. It saddened me when you threw our friendship away. I apologize if I offended you, but all I wanted is for you to get better physically. I wish I can celebrate our birthday together, since we both have the same birthday. I still love you. Friends?

Miss Elementary Valedictorian: Yes Jaea. I miss you too. I forgive you. Let’s be friends again and let’s celebrate our birthday some time together. I will love myself from now on by taking care of my body and I will exercise. Let’s be friends again. Hug!

Friend C:

Dear Mr. Summa Cum Laude,

Doc, I’m really thankful that I met you. I’m thankful for the days and nights that I spent with you at duty. You inspired me to do my best and to move on from your friend. I told you what hurt me before and you just did it too. Hahaha! (Ano ba?! Haha) I got hurt when you blocked me in facebook, when all I wanted was to be friends with you. I don’t know why you blocked me, but I’m trying to understand. I pray you finish your residency. I pray that you may reach all your dreams in life. Til we meet again. When I see you again in the hospital, please don’t ignore me. I will call your name and I will say Hi! God bless on your duty.

Mr. Summa Cum Laude: Hello Ma’am Jaea! I am just busy with my residency and I am so focused that I don’t want distractions, that’s why I blocked you. I don’t know what to do with you. Hahaha! When we see each other again, I will not ignore you and I will say Hi Ma’am Jea! God bless!

Friend D:

Dear Miss Future MD,

I miss you my friend. Please know that I love you, even though we don’t have the same principles and beliefs in life. I hope you get to know JESUS someday. I got hurt when you told me that you are an agnostic. I pray that God will meet you where you are now. I got hurt when you unfriended me in facebook. I pray that you may reach all your dreams in life. I pray for your happiness and success. I don’t want you to keep thinking about negativity. I wish to see your genuine smile and your beautiful face. You are a child of God, a beautiful creation of God, I hope you know that. If I reach out to you someday soon, I pray you’ll not reject me. But if you will reject me, I will keep trying. I wish you know how beautiful your name is. May you have joy in your heart by knowing Christ and by accepting Him as your Lord and savior. Til we meet again, my friend.

Miss Future MD: Hi Jaea! I miss you. I will study well for my family and my future. Thank you for the friendship and the prayers. Til we meet again.

But then again, people may plan all kinds of things but the Lord’s will is going to be done.

#TheSW30 Day 13: Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship


Hi! I am on day 13 already of the single woman’s 30 day blogging challenge: Describe how you met the last person you texted and talk about your friendship/relationship.

The last person that I texted is Iya. She is a daughter, a friend, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse as well, an enthusiast, a courageous and a spontaneous person, Iya, born on December 24, 1989. I met her when I applied as a staff nurse in Manila Med last June 2017. I was hired at Manila Med as a General Nursing Unit Staff Nurse last June 21, 2017 up to August 2017. We both belong to Athena batch 22 training of the hospital together with Mer, Lyza, Claud, Jeff, Carmi, April and Nica. Iya and I did not last long in Manila Med, same with Lyza, Mer, Jeff and April. They took an absence with out leave but I resigned.

Last 2017, we were subdivided into three areas during the first two months of duty. Nica and I were assigned to 7th extension. On the other hand, Iya, Mer and Carmi were assigned at 7th main, while Jeff and Lyza were assigned at 8th main; Then, April and Claud was assigned at 9th Extension, Claud later on became a charge nurse at 9th extension, where I was reassigned after two months of being in the 7th extension after facing an issue at work of being sleepy and unable to completely follow through orders and have had a misunderstanding with a coworker.

Iya and Mer transferred to Pasig Doctors Hospital after leaving Manila Med. However, I went home to Calapan and applied at Children’s Medical Hospital and worked for a week only as a pediatric nurse last September of 2017, which then was the time when I was waiting to be accepted at Philippine General Hospital (PGH) as a nurse. Iya told me to work with them at Pasig Doctors Hospital last year. However, I refused because I was waiting for PGH. After some time, I was accepted at PGH as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse and worked at the institution for only three months because I had an issue again at work. I was advised by my chief nurse to take a break for a while and present a medical certificate that I am fit to work. Until now, I have not given the medical certificate yet, because my doctor told me to just transfer to another hospital.

I reunited again with Iya after I left PGH and during the time that I started my review for IELTS. She will be taking up IELTS as well with Mer this July 2018. I am planning to take the IELTS too with them. I have been reviewing with Iya and she is a nice friend.

One day, Iya asked me to review with her at Coffee Bean, Robinson’s Magnolia 1PM. So, one special Sunday, it was Mother’s day dated 13 of May. I greeted my mom and prepared to go to a Sunday service, wore a blue dress and a J-Hope Socks with my special hiking pink Clort shoes which I used when I went to Mount Ulap, together with my pink back pack. So, on that day I went to Coffee bean after the Sunday service at Victory U-belt. I walked from church to Legarda station, near San Beda College Mendiola, the school where I attended Medicine last 2014. I rode the LRT and stopped at Gilmore station, which is a few steps away from Robinson’s Magnolia.

When I arrived at the place, I opened the door and I was startled to see an old friend who blocked me in facebook, wearing a white shirt and an eyeglasses. He did not change.. he is still good looking. haha. But I turned around immediately and went to the door. When I was about to hold the glass door, I heard him call my name “Jaea”, but I did not look back, because I might be wrong.. (guni guni ko lang siguro) and it is embarassing to look back. What would I tell him? I don’t know what to say so, I walked away. And so, I left coffee bean and went instead to the comfort room, I processed my thoughts because I was still in a state of shock. However, I remembered Iya.. that we are supposed to have our review at the said place. I conquered my fear and went back. I stayed outside the coffee bean while waiting for Iya. I sat down, turned on my portable mini black fan and read few pages from my academic book about grammar. Then, thank heavens, Iya came. I told her about the guy in a white shirt sitting on a table facing the glass wall of coffee bean. Iya and I went inside and chose the table on the right most part at the back part, beside the mirror facing the back of the guy in white shirt, the most distant table from where the guy was sitting. We took our ordered beverages and started reviewing for IELTS.

After some time, Iya told me that the guy changed his sitting position and faced us. I was surprised. He was studying I think and infront of him was his lap top. After reviewing, Iya and I needed to leave the coffeebean because we need to be somewhere else. I asked Iya if I should say goodbye or hello because we will walk past him once we leave. She told me not to call his attention because if he was interested in me, he would approach us, but he did not. So, I did not bid farewell to him when we left.

I thank God for Iya’s life because if she was not around, I would not know what to do, since I am in the process of moving on with the guy. It’s been so long already, in fact I have not been thinking about him for a while because I was busy at work and reviewing for IELTS. However, our paths crossed again.

Moreover, I went with Iya at Benefit and Mac Cosmetics. I accompanied her while she bought an eye definer for the “kilay”, I don’t really know the exact name. I will ask her. And she also bought a makeup for contour. Then, we watched the first song of Hajji Alejandro’s mall show special for mother’s day entitled “May minamahal”, then we went to Dashing Diva and had a pedicure. She chose the light pink color and I chose the black nail polish.

In the next succeeding days after that Sunday, I am meeting up with Iya and Mer, reviewing for IELTS, either at Coffeebean, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. We also went to a gym at Pine Crest and exercised. We ate chiken inasal together with Mer at J.T’s in the middle of the night after reviewing. Then, we also ate at Pao Tsin, Robinsons’ Magnolia’s food court. Also, Iya, Mer and I had watched already a movie, a horror film about Jigsaw, last 2017 at Robinsons Magnolia too while eating pop corn. Other than that, Iya accompanied me in buying cosmetics of L’oreal Paris. She told me also to watch make up tutorials in youtube for personal development and for me to look prettier. I learned so many things from her, from makeup and enjoying and being spontaneous in life.

We will be having a sleep over at my unit this Wednesday night with Mer to review for IELTS. Thank you for Iya’s life. I found a friend.